Review: Metformin Side Effects And Warnings - A detailed list of metformin side effects Metformin Glucophage is a widely used antidiabetic drug but it also comes with quite a few side effects

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  • BayGuy1943 - Water Floss only the teeth you want to keep !

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  • Graham - 4 Hour Battery Life / Not Great for iPhone Users

    Short battery life makes it useless (4 hours in my experience). I really wanted to like this watch, and honestly, I think it looks great and has some really cool features. I ultimately returned it because the battery life was just way too short. I hope, for the sake of Fossil, that this was a defective item and every watch is not this bad. It also never reached a full charge. The charger would tell you it was done charging at around 96% which would be fine if the watch would last all day, but is just frustrating.

  • A_Plain_Janeite - It Truly Is An "Amazing" Oil!!

    If you don't know the benefits (and let me tell you, they are MANY) for this wonderful seed/oil, please look it up!

  • Kyle Slayzar - Did Not Work, Poor Design (Straightener Works)

    I tested the InStyler Pro Ionic with both my fiancé, who has long and thick hair, and her professional stylist BFF, who has short and thin hair, and the results were universally poor even after several attempts and rereading the manuals several times to ensure we didn't miss anything.

  • Andrew Smith - I love it.

    I love this thing. Great graphics, updates while sleeping. Also you can now charge you're controller while the ps4 is sleeping.