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  • Karen - Karen, Career Counselor and Coach

    As a coach and a counselor I have used Parachute, for many years in its various reincarnations. I was looking forward to a major revision in its 2005 version and I must say that I am disappointed.

  • bigmac - Stay away

    I have been using Hallmark Cards for computer for years. It's not the best but was satisfactory....until my computer died and I wanted to transfer the program to my new Mac. As a registered owner of Hallmark 2011 I thought they would allow me to download (from them) the Mac version to my new miniMac.....not so. They want me to buy, at full price, the Mac version. Be aware if you are changing over to a Mac that you will have to pay for the Hallmark program again if you want it. I won't pay twice for the same program and am looking around for something else.

  • bittersweet410 - Pleasantly surprised!

    After reading the reviews here I decided I would give this little machine a try. I have no idea what people are saying when they say this does nothing as far as a good workout. The first time I did it I stayed on for 25 minutes and yes I did sweat and yes I was extremely sore the next day. I have been doing it everyday now for a week and I have already lost 5lbs! Maybe those of you who felt they were not getting a good enough work out were either not doing it properly or maybe your use to very high impact aerobics. For those of you that are looking for a workout that is low impact but will help you lose weight look no further then this machine. I am very satisfied and very happy with my purchase.

  • rachelle - Awesome robot

    I think the microNoid , red socket robot is a must have for anyone who likes building and programming electronics. It was very easy to assemble and program. My kids have not stopped playing with it!!

  • John K. Murtaugh - Calendar Shortfalls

    Aswith previous versions it is not possible to use the calendar. Only the current month is shown and it is impossible to change months. Hallmark says they are aware of the problem and "working" on a fix. They should have been working in HM DLX 2011. 2012,2013 and now 2014. It seems they are not interested. Other than this feature it is a good program that I have used for years.

  • Julie Angarone - FREEDOM

    I broke a bone in my foot. Spent maybe a day on crutches navigating my basement and upstairs, and had enough. there was no way I could deal with the underarm pain of crutches and the sliding down the steps on my butt for however long this healing process is going to take. So I turned to Amazon. Within 2 days I had my iWalk 2.0 and within a half hour I had it put together on my own and I was walking. I love it. I can move a glass of milk from the counter to the table, I can carry my laundry basket, I can handle steps. I can't sit in it, but removing it takes 20 seconds and putting it on takes 54 seconds....yes I timed it. It isn't perfect, I can't run a 5K, but I can use my hands and have no pain. There is zero pain to my knee and the straps do not bother me at all.