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  • meljen - Won't load saved games...

    Love this game, frustrated as hell because we can hardly ever get the saved games to show under 'load game' when we go back to play. Has anyone else had this problem? We have multiple accounts on our Xbox One, and we've tried logging in and out, ejecting the disc, etc. and nothing seems to work. We got our kids' save game to load once. It's a shame, since this game is REALLY fun.

  • Wolf - painful migration

    I used MS Money before, since it MS is stopping support I needed to chage my software. The software works, but many of the features that made Money so simple are lacking. layout is difficult also to navigate. example, when entering a check the enter button is above the line you are working on and the bottom of the previous transaction, several times I have clicked to "enter" and open the transaction before. You can say, well be careful, but I say, lay it out so the target zone is not so critical. I also had 5 times so far when downloading from my bank that transactions did not make it to my register....NEVER happened with Money...good bye old friend

  • landlord - does not contain useful functions for landlords

    I am disappointed with the rental property portion of this program. My biggest surprise is that each tenant's rent check must be recorded as a singular deposit or else the rent reminder option doesn't work. In my experience, no one has multiple checks and deposits them one at a time. Quicken, you need to add the ability to make a single deposit comprised of multiple rent checks. It would be great to be able to record a deposit in the checkbook register that automatically provides a list of tenants when Rent Income is selected as the account. Then I could easily make a multiple check deposit while still linking the payment to the tenant's history. I find the rent reminder portion of the rental property to be difficult to use as it lacks this option. May I suggest you copy the ability of QuickBooks, which keeps a running tab of checks received and then allows me to select the ones I want to include in a single deposit?

  • MoonWalkBoots - Some info on this product

    I was introduced to this product in 2006 by a cashier at a local head shop. I needed it for a job at a local call center. Basically I used it and it worked. A few things I did during the week leading up to the drug test was: