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  • bill3478 - it works

    product was delivered in a couple of days, didn't take long to down load & haven't had any problems with it

  • Carolyn Robarge - Great vitamin

    This vitamin seems to help improve the skin and energy levels. Started giving it to my kids, 18 and 14 years, but they had such good results, that I started taking it too.

  • eyes N ears - Works problems.

    has worked great for me so far. It's found a couple of issues and fixed them quietly. No problems with slowdowns or issues with interruptions.

  • Nate - My purpose for this software was different than most

    I'm a truck driver, and often I would get route directions with "googled" local directions, that, quite frankly, half the time were wrong. I purchased this software hoping that even when I didn't have an internet connection, I could see all the routes on the way to my destination. I have to say that this product worked pretty well for me with this use in mind. There are no truck roads marked, but common sense will tell you when a road is most likely a truck road. Some features that really made my life a lot easier are 1) when you zoom in to the interstate, you can see exit numbers AND arrows you can follow all the way from exiting to getting "dumped" onto a street, so you will know which way to go; and 2) if you zoom in close enough, you will be able to see when a street is a divided highway, so you will know if you need to come around at it from a different direction.

  • S. Little - very ineffective, way too expensive, lacks results, look elsewhere

    for all the hype this gets i was very dissapointed. i wish i had asked around before purchasing because i found this to be very ineffective. i suggest using a source that isnt an infomercial.

  • Allan Hensley - More power more mpg

    Definitely noticed the power difference with the Diablo tune. Gained about 2-3 mpg as well. very happy.