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  • Molly G. - GREAT cookbook

    I LOVE this cookbook! I've always been a fan of the Skinnytaste website and this book is an excellent addition. There's so many new recipes - I've bookmarked TONS to make ASAP. Thank you Gina for showing that healthy food doesn't have to be boring OR take forever. I cannot wait to cook through this cookbook.

  • LHOPE - Broken after 1 1/2 months

    The left burner quit working less than 2 months after purchasing. I use this about 3 times a week and expected it to last longer. Unfortunately, it's past the return window and I'd only get a partial refund and have to pay return shipping at this point. So I'll just keep it and use the right burner until it goes out. Really really disappointing. I'll buy another one, but not this brand.

  • Sandra - big disappointment

    wow, these references books have really gone downhill. back in the day, they were really usesful for learning independently. I remember all those Que books. However trying to pick up Excel from this book is pretty much an exercise in futility. The author instructs you to just click or choose this or that without much input on how to get there. So if you are using this to learn the application, good luck. Also light on pictures/diagrams. This author assumes waaaaay too much for the book to be useful. It definitly does NOT take the place of the manual that software no longer comes where the the feature is described and its requirements listed. You expect this in these books in addition to examples of different uses. You don't get that here.

  • Stacey Tuttle - Avoid. Product design issue.

    Batteries do not fit securely, so the unit cannot even be used. Bought this as part of a care package for son going away to college, and of course the first time he gets sick, we discover the issue with the battery compartment.

  • Amazon Customer - Who's on first?

    A very different tale of conspiracy and espionage in our highest agencies. Dennis is one of their best investigative staff and when he returns after a bereavement leave and is given a low level assignment he is puzzled. He is such a good investigator because he is obsessive about details and when things don't add up up he cannot let go even when he is taken off the case.

  • Kamal - Works well

    Works well and solved my purpose. Quantity is also good for the price. I am using it to wash my car once week and it has given satisfactory results.

  • Kindle Customer - Makes a happy wife

    Product is used by my wife, as long as she drinks it in the A.M she has no more stomach issues. I would highly recommend it