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  • H. J. Matthews - Only as good as the battery

    This is an outstanding charger. It's not the cheapo wall unit that holds only four batteries. This Energizer Family Charger holds twice as many batteries, and many more types. Even better, it can deliver a different level of charge to different batteries of the same type - so it's OK to charge your new Eneloop AA's along side your exhausted Duracell AA's. And those four fill just half of the charger. In the other half you can charge AAA, C, D, or even 9V batteries at the same time. And because it's a closed-lid device, the batteries are all kept in a single place protected from dust and ready to go at a moment's notice.

  • Movie Addict - Light Spoilers; AMAZON hits it out of the park with this legal drama. TOP NOTCH and BINGE WORTHY

    I was hooked after the first episode, and simply cannot wait until season 2! Please totally disregard all of the 1 ratings, as they are all whining so hard they are rolling on the ground with temper tantrums because of the sex and cursing in this show. I simply disagree with their lack of foresight and end run findings. These are characters that have seen it all....not wanting to put too many spoilers here, but I have to do so in order to debunk the five year olds that cant take a few curse words and short have a prostitute, a drunk lawyer, a ex wife who seemingly loves ladies and men-but mostly money: I mean you just cannot get a more salacious story line. It is not the same old lawyer show as some have said -ever watched SUITS? THAT is the same old..this--a new spin from the other side......Many low ratings also said the court drama was unrealistic-and one poster was so bored, they rated the show low due to a bad haircut-STOP IT....IT IS TV! of course he has a bad hair cut-HE IS HAVING A NEVER ENDING BAD DAY. This show is good-binge worthy.....and nice to see ...... it has a bunch of new talent. Not the same old-I highly recommend.