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  • Andrew Osborn - A fish-lover must (not sushi-lover)

    Any fish tank/fish owner knows you have to use good stuff, to maintain healthy fish. Prime is a staple of that, ensuring that the fresh, clean, new water is safe, by neutralizing the chlorine. Big bottle will last through many water changes and great price for the quantity (mL).

  • StarLily - The feet are not long enough to have any real messes if your crockpot is not super full but I still hate working with it

    I have only used this item a couple of times, partly due to the "feet" on this thing. There are only 3 feet and therefore is tipsy. The feet are not long enough to have any real messes if your crockpot is not super full but I still hate working with it. Just to even grab one handle to move it one way or another and it tips to that side.

  • Rants&Raves - The steak knives are the best!

    The steak knives are the best part of this set. They are indestructible. I use them to open boxes, scrape up random stuff and for food. I bought this set many years ago and wanted a replacement for years. I was so excited to find that Amazon carries them!

  • C. El - Book is not what I thought it would be.

    Book was not what I thought it would be. It prepare you for the exam somewhat but all the answers are not in the book.

  • Vana - Excellent "game," a great workout

    This "game" (I said that because it's more than a game) is totally what I was looking for. Not more money or embarrassment at gym.... Excercises are perfect, your muscles really feel the job, and you really SWEAT! It's very nice how you can see yourself in the screen and then correct your work. What I like the most is the so many alternatives this game has, the program designed just for you and your specific needs, and the timer and lost calories account. The only problem is the automatic encouragement voice. She always says you're "perfect," which is of course not true when the screen indicates your percentage of achievement is low. But besides that, you really may lose calories and shape your body if you're serious and don't give up. Love it.