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  • grandkids - What a great book

    This was an awesome book. I love that you wrote it. I like the idea that the dad was a superhero to his son.! I recommend this book for kids up to the age of 6 years.

  • SF purchaser - I forgot how helpful it was to have a hardcopy of a tax guide.

    I've been using TurboTax for over 20 years. In that time I didn't buy hardly any third party tax guides whereas before Turbo Tax I got one every year. I decided to get one for this year's taxes and it's very helpful. The problem with online tax information and guides is that it's not really that easy to browse. A hardcopy book is like a visit to a library, going to the library you might find more valuable/appropriate material in a book right next to one you're aiming for on the shelf. Just the act of turning pages makes a lot of interesting topics stand out. Lasser's guide is a lot thicker then I remember it being many years ago.

  • Poetikal Styles - Watch Out Fleas!

    Have so many flea bite scars, I could play connect the dots for days! Flea infestation was unreal! We tried natural products, products that were recommended by others, diatemaceous earth (or however it's spelled), sprays, powders, flea combs, ACV baths, Dawn baths, lemon Ajax baths, everything possible without going bonkers or financially busted. NOTHING WORKED. I saw this advertised and decided to give it a try...afterall after trying everything under the sun and nothing working, what the H***. It is a 8 month treatment while the cat is wearing the collar. It is not a quick fix-soon as you put it on kill em kind of collar. It keeps working for 8 months. After having the collar on for about a week or two, I noticed I was getting bitten less and less. Also, I did use a flea trap in addition. So, I find that this product does work for my Ruby and me.

  • lori costa - Great shaver

    Bought this as a gift for my husband to replace his old Norelco shaver. The rotating blades cut close, leaves no stubble. The trimmer gets used the most as he has a mustache. It does a great job since he really hates to shave. Definitely recommend this.

  • Candace Kuhn - I am a repeat customer and I am not happy unless I am using this product on my children

    I am a repeat customer and I am not happy unless I am using this product on my children. This wash is gentle and the scent isn't overpowering, so they're left smelling clean instead of overly fruity. Their skin feels soft afterward instead of dried-out. I use this on all of my kids, from my one year old to my six year old, and they all like it.

  • jordan - Typical

    I don't like Obama at all but I feel as tho if you're going to make an accurate documentary you hsvr to show the good and the bad and let the Viewers decide on all the facts. Not just single out in particular ones