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  • Amazon Customer - Hey it works just like you think it does

    Hey it works just like you think it does. Ball was getting stuck inside at the beginning but I relised that it was my fault. Once a ball gets thrown the back led goes red. Gotta wait like the 2sec to turn green. I was trying to Gatling gun the balls towards my dog. Once turns green it's ready to fire. I like the random speed selection it has too. Keeps my dog guessing.

  • Amazon Customer - Best case I've ever owned!!!!

    This is by far the best case I've owned. I had the same one for my iPhone 6 Plus so I had to get one for my new iPhone 7 plus. If you hate carrying a wallet or minimalist this is the case for you. It give good protection and can hold up to 5 cards. The flap can be used as kickstand is a big plus! I don't know why these cases are not one of the top rated cases on the market.

  • Cassidy - Worked like a charm!

    Love this! I had lots of tiny pimples on my forehead and chin and after about a week of using this, they were all nearly gone! My face looks clearer than ever. I use it once in the morning before I apply my makeup and once before I go to bed. The smell is strong, but it is not bad. If I apply the cream too close to my eyes, they water a little bit but there is no burning or anything. Great product, I would highly suggest this to anyone with tiny pimples all over your face.


    I made the mistake of ordering this from a third party seller. If it's not shipped from Amazon, be forewarned, you may receive a recalled copy, like i had. I was sent a copy with the previously mentioned defect that others have mentioned within this products reviews. The coin windows are labeled "P" and "D" for the two different mints. When you flip to the other side, where the labels should be a mirror image, it read's "P" and "D" in that order. Example: You put in a coin in the P slot, flip over the page where you can see it through the window on the other side and the label will read "D". Many of you earlier purchasers would understand. I went directly to the publisher who gave me this long explanation of how they can't replace it because they've already replaced all the defective copies by crediting the merchandisers? Merchandisers are supposed to trash the defective copies? I don't know..... so the seller i bought it from probably got it from the back of a truck and turned around on Amazon to sell it?? I don't know. To the effect that "Sorry we can't help you. Go to the person who got it from you. We've already done our part on the wholesale end". They will only replace books bought directly from their website and now i have to go through all this with the seller. Not fun. ANYHOO.....besides all this, i like this book and my 9 y.o. is really enjoying it. Coins are very easy to insert and the windows slide in and out easily....the graphics design is very nice and clean. Lots of information about collecting the state coins. I highly recommend this one. Again, word to the wise, be cautious when buying from third party sellers unless you don't mind the potential hassle of returning a defective item.

  • Soft Paws - Great before it stops working

    Was working great until it stopped working correctly after 6 months. Very unhappy with this mechanical keyboard as I paid close to $100 and expected something that wouldn't give out on me. The keys don't register pushes anymore. Unhappy with the direction Razer has gone with this.

  • Michael J. Dowling - Solid Trampopoline!

    I just put the trampoline together today so I can't comment on the durability, but the trampoline is solid and even with me at 180 pounds it wasn't even close to bottoming out. I didn't realize how large a 15 foot trampoline is, this thing is BIG so ensure your yard can handle it, luckily I didn't have any issue finding a level spot to accommodate it.

  • beverley - Zero Calorie

    LYFT Energy Stir Sticks which is a Clean Caffeine Supplement with Zero Calories. This one pack contains six sticks. These sticks can be easily stirred into water for about 10 seconds and give you the energy you need. It's the equivalent to a cup of coffee!! There is also no jitters or crash. I work ten hour days and tend to need a pick me up towards the end of my shift. Energy drinks have a ton of sugar and artificial flavors. These energy sticks contain natural caffeine and vitamins. They have really helped me out through my long shifts. They taste good too. I am glad I found a healthier alternative to energy drinks.