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  • South FL PC User - Fun, But Frustrating Problems Continue

    I love playing this game but it is frustrating to have it close out on its own and take a "life" when it does. This is a consistent problem. I too lost all my progress during the first two cities (Sydney and Tokyo) and had to start over. Since reaching San Francisco that problem seems to have cleared up. I don't connect through Facebook because when I did that I could not play any single level in a city without clicking my way through game messages 5-6 times. I had to delete and reinstall the game to remove the Facebook connection and start over a third time.

  • TinaBoBina - Good not perfect but close enough.

    Decent product if you have tried everything else, yet your hands are still dry, this last the longest of any I have tried so far looking for relief.

  • hellojoe - Feels like a hiking boot, looks like a work boot.

    I travel around to different construction sites regularly and this fits the bill, because I spend more of the day traveling to sites than working when I get there. Steel toes don't work well for hiking and hiking boots do not look like safety boots when you are on site.

  • jus sti - WOW just WOW

    There is a reason Raymond weil is my favorite author and this book just shows why! Its freaking epic and this storyline that started in book 1 has gotten better and better with each book and the battles get bigger and bigger and on a much grander scale.

  • hkingsley203 - Fussy at 3 weeks old- solved the problem for both my babies

    This is my second baby now that has a dairy allergy so she is the second baby I have put on this formula. At 3 weeks old she started getting really fussy. I took her to the doctor to get her poo tested for blood. This confirmed that she was having food allergies. With my first I didn't know to do this until she was screaming bloody murder from 11pm to 3 an every night. This formula is amazing. I believe it is the only formula that provides relief for this somewhat common condition.