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  • Marti - Excel 2010 for Dummies from Amazon provided info I needed.

    I wanted my daughter to learn how to use Excel so I purchased this book on Amazon. She said it helped her a lot more than watching a video from our local library. She liked the fact it showed pictures and explained things very clearly. She said that it was easy to understand and would recommend it to others.

  • S. Ward - Not the same as from distributor

    I bought a bottle from here and also from a distributor. They were different. The one I bought on here was old or something; can't really tell what it was except it seemed more watery and flaked off more than the one from distributor. I am now signed up for the auto ship and get it for $60 a bottle.

  • Maureen - Every part of this cleanse is disgusting. The green shake with the drops

    Every part of this cleanse is disgusting. The green shake with the drops, terrible taste! The green shakes wouldn't be bad but when you add the drops to it. Terrible, for 3 times a day for 10 days. AWFUL! The fiber drink is disgusting and clumpy! The amino acid pills that you take 3 times a day (5 of them) each time put a huge strain on your kidneys and bladder. I could feel it, the strain, it hurt so bad! NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BODY! NOT WORTH THE MONEY!


    This book is FANTASTIC!!!!! Carry it in the car with you. It helps so much when you are on the go. The choices of foods from different restaurants makes it so easy to stay on the right track. I brought this copy for my brother. He loves it too. We are both diabetics, so we are are happy that we don't have to be frustrated when we are out with others.