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  • Jeff - I really wanted this supplement to work!!!

    I have really bad sinus problems, mainly due to the high levels of mold, pollen, mountain cedar, ragweed and etc in the air at the area that I live, this product failed to live up to my expectations it made no noticeable impact what so ever on my sinuses even though I took it as directed, and even doubled the doses after while to see if that would make a difference. I do not recommend this product and will continue to look for a natural product to help me with my sinuses and get me away from Claritin D and Zyrtec D

  • Redline - -16F here and the Nest has failed...

    Great product. Loved it. Until I woke up the coldest morning of the decade with NO heat. Worried about bursting pipes in the crawlspace, I had to call a technician in. Several hundred dollars and a new controller board later... Still no heat. Guess what? The latest download 4.0 software has "killed" my thermostat. The fix??? A $15 thermostat from the hardware store. The Nest is pretty and works well when it is working, but this fiasco has me rethinking this product. Would I trust the same company to protect me from Fire and Co2 based on this??? Worse yet, it appears that the Nest company has been covering up search information that could have helped me with my problem in the first place. Word of advice to Nest, put your efforts into the product and let it speak for itself.