Canine Lymphoma Blood Test - Avacta Animal Health - The canine lymphoma blood test is a simple blood test which can be used as an aid to diagnosis and monitor canine lymphoma remission/recurrence.

  • Condition Overview - Canine Lymphoma - Lymphoma is one of the most common malignancies to affect dogs. Find out about canine lymphoma including the typical presenting symptoms of canine lymphoma
  • How the canine lymphoma blood test was developed - The canine lymphoma blood test resulted from many years work with veterinary oncologists, first opinion practices
  • Advocacy | Lymphoma - Learn how vets in the UK and internationally are using cLBT to assist in the diagnosis of lymphoma and for remission monitoring
  • The Veterinary Marketing podcast - Dr Sue The Cancer Vet | Lymphoma - Here's a recent podcast by the Veterinary Marketing podcast with Dr Sue Ettinger aka Dr Sue The Cancer Vet. A real leader in her field,

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