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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Ginni Wright - Love Phil Collins

    This song gets in my head and I can't get it out. Love the music and furthermore, I love Phil Collins!

  • NRMc - Big Bad Wolf

    I received an ARC for my review of this book. Luke and Hayley grew up together with Luke's brother Chris. After graduating high school Hayley takes off to become a chef, but just before she leave Luke & Hayley have their moment and then shes gone. 3 years later Hayley comes back to her home town only to find out nothing is as she left it. While Hayley was gone, Luke & Chris' little sister was murdered, and Luke was blamed for killing the murderer in vengeance but you'll never believe who the vigilante murderer turns out to be or how far hes willing to go.

  • Linda M. - Still waiting...

    I've been taking these faithfully 3X a day now for almost 4 weeks. It's kinda hard to remember to take them so often though! So far I've yet to see much results.

  • Lynette Wilkins - Nice feeling cream on your face

    This is a great item like all items I have received from New York Biology. I love the bottle that this cream comes in. It is very easy to apply to face. Not too oily or too thick. You can pump the bottle at the the top and just the right amount will come out so you will not be using too much on your face. This has always been an issue of mines. The smell is not bad at all so that is also a plus. The instructions do tell you to apply once or twice a day. I am applying it twice a day, once in the morning after I wash my face and then again a night after a face wash. I did not get to use the Glycolic Acid before I started using this product as the suggested but will be using it along with this product. This product is FDA approved so that is definitely a plus for me. The ingredients used in this product is Cytokinol, which promotes epidermal repair and fights against outbreaks and healing old acne scars. Rh-Obligopeptide 1 (EGF) is also an active ingredient in this product. EGF is an occurring protein, responsible for triggering cell growth and cell renewal. Tocomin is also an ingredient included in this product. Tocomin is extracted from virgin red palm oil. Olive fruit Oil is also added to this product which provides antioxidant benefits. I will be sharing this with my 14 year old because he is starting to develop acne as well. So we will be using it on old and new acne scars. I will definitely update the results that we get in about 30 days. Stay posted.