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  • Susan C - Still a little on the fence with this one, but no complaints

    No jitters at all. Good appetite suppression. Still waiting to see any detoxing effects. I use 2 packets daily. Kind of an icky taste and a little gritty, but with a little MIO flavoring and frequent stirring/swirling, I've acquired a tolerance.

  • Reina Gonzalez - A fan of Takumi Saito

    I am a fan of Takumi Saito and this movie is interesting. Reminds me of Crows Zero. But the subtitles are very bad. I'm just watching the movie to watch it I really have no idea what's going on in it.

  • geneticgamer - Cleared a mold filled crawl space for years now!

    I had a rental home with a crawl space filled with mold. I'm talking inches thick in some spots... First tried bleach, but the mold all came back and with a vengence! Finally spent the money and used Concrobium. What a home saver!!! Not a harsh chemical either. The only downside is that it requires that you wipe down the mold after spraying. It's not spray it and forget it. It's also not going to remove all mold stains, but the mold will be encapsulated and killed off. I treated the crawl space and wiped it down, spray painted the entire thing with exterior paint, then sprayed Concrobium again. No mold in years. Highly suggested!

  • Linda J. Shull - Worth every penny!

    These work as well as the more expensive brands and last for years. I got these for a second mt. bike because of the quality of the ones, still in use, I purchased 5 years ago. Easy to clean, tough as hell, and cheap! They've outlasted 3 chains, a cassette, and several disc brake pads

  • Zalmorion the Fantastic - The Avengers: Ancient Greek Edition

    Incredible action, fabulous acting, and an interesting take on the character of Hercules are tainted by bad writing, which produces this year's biggest mediocrity worth watching. Corny dialogue and infuriatingly stupid Braveheart speeches. Armies that follow whoever is leading them like poor A.I. in a video game. Unexplained and unlikely visions of centaurs. Stuff like that interjects itself as soon as you you get comfortable with the film. But these annoyances cannot ruin the host of fun action scenes, funny interactions between the heroes, and reasonable plot twists.

  • Sewinglady - Excellent

    Excellent! Well thought out and easy to follow. One of the best guides I have found on the market today. YES I would purchase again form this author.

  • Lisa Marie - but his best friend and unofficial partner in crime

    Thank you Goodreads for sending me an ARC of this book. I've been a big fan of Craig Johnson and Walt Longmire since the first entry, The Cold Dish. While the mystery part of the stories are always engaging, it's the characters and relationships that keep me hooked: not only Walt, but his best friend and unofficial partner in crime, Henry Standing Bear, and his female deputy, Vic - who hails from Philly, swears like a sailor and goes toe-to-toe with Walt. Even Dog, Walt's 150 lb. monster of a pet, is an integral member of the cast.