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  • Dutch J - Love this calendar

    Love this calendar. Very relaxing and I can leave it beside computer and see a week at a time. Bonus is the filling in the pictures with my gel pens.

  • I. Dordal - a MUST for anyone with cancer!

    This book gave me HOPE and a plan of action a few months ago, as I have breast cancer that has metastasized throughout my body. The surgeon who diagnosed me suggested that I purchase the book Death And Dying (don't ever believe your doctor, as only God knows His plans for you) but an acquaintance recommended A Cancer Battle Plan. Ann Frahm has been through the worst of it and survived. Now with her plan, combined with only 2 doses of chemo, I'm almost completely cancer free. Again, Ann gave me so much hope, and that's what people need more than anything when they get diagnosed. Since one out of two people are getting cancer, I highly recommend this book to everyone... that way you don't have to scramble to get information if you, your friends, or family get diagnosed. I'm thoroughly convinced that this plan of action could save the large majority of people with cancer, but people just aren't getting their hands on this type of information. The follow up book, A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook, is also most helpful in order to detoxify the body.

  • Robbie - I ordered 2 Norwex cleaning cloths and from Guangzhou sulon ...

    I ordered 2 Norwex cleaning cloths and from Guangzhou sulon. I received a small piece of a sample cloth with no ID tag--really weird!!

  • Clover - Not accurate. Not for pets!

    I do not recommend this for pets. This can give someone who owns a pet false hopes in finding their pet if lost or stolen. Not accurate AT ALL. Tracking information is very basic. Showed several different locations over and over in just a minutes time that were not even close to each other. Tracking devise does not beep like it said it would when you are trying to locate the devise. I tried to get a refund for the 5 devises I bought and they declined. I understand that it was over 30 days and I'm fine with that but I am in search of a tracking unit I can trust. I wasted $90, but they are going into the trash.

  • glenn b - Invisible but always protective security investment ever!!

    Owned Kaspersky for about 6 months........simple to install, always vigilant protection, never intrusive........can't get better than this. I transitioned from an occasionally problematic MacAfee suite..........will remain with Kaspersky forever. Regarding those 'free' security software offers.......... I can't envision that any 'free' software can be as good as something you pay for, and it's only a nominal cost for such HUGE benefits. Never has my computer ever been compromised.........simply boots up and functions like 'new' every day.......thank you Kaspersky.

  • AudreyTrahan - It is now one of his favorite reel's to use

    I got this for my husband. He loves it. He said it cast very smoothly. He said it reels in smoothly also. It is now one of his favorite reel's to use. Its the perfect size. It has replaced one that he used every time he went fishing. It not to have so that makes it easy if your fishing for long periods of time. He bass fish a lot and this reel is perfect for that. He said that the drag is easy to set witch he likes. He will be recommending this reel to other fishermen he knows. I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Eliza - Install issue with rear facing.

    After two infant car seats(graco clickconnect 35 & Maxi Cosi leila travel system) and a convertable car seat (Britain Boulevard g3), I was certain a machine washable AND dryable was a MUST. I wasn't too concerned about installation since I was able to install all the other seats without issue. Turns out I should've taken a closer look at the latch on the Pria 70.