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  • Jenna Dickenson - I started getting really bad acne all over my face and back

    Be sure you're informed about the daily requirements for b12. This is a very high dosage. Last year, I went to a doc who told me to start taking b12 because I had recently became vegan. She didn't tell me what dosage, so I assumed any ol' type of b12 will do. I went here on amazon and purchased the highest rated b12 and started taking the supplement daily. BIG MISTAKE. According to the Mayo Clinic, the daily recommendations of b12 are 2.4 micrograms a day for 18+ adults. Needless to say, I was extremely over-supplementing with this product. I guess I am saying there is nothing wrong with this product if you take it once a month or so, but not daily. I started getting really bad acne all over my face and back. I was going crazy trying to figure out the cause, and came across several articles showing the correlation between b12 overdose and acne. It's been a week since stopping b12, and my acne as cleared up 80%. Again, nothing wrong with taking b12, but be sure you're not over-supplementing with this product.

  • JR_azon - Good earbuds / good value

    Very nice and affordable wireless/bluetooth earbuds. I discovered that these have a handy magnet at the outside, flat end of each earbud which allows them to "stick" together around your neck when you don't have them in - maybe I won't lose them this time! One note about the fit - the little contraptions for these (or any other brand/make of earbud) that are supposed to help keep them in your ear actually don't work so well for me - small ears I guess. These things actually reduce the bass significantly. So, I took those off and tried the larger size ear pieces and bang!, problem solved and the bass sounds great and they stay in fine when I'm running. They went from 3 star sound to 5 star. May not work for everyone, but good luck!

  • Debra Morrison - The Hess trucks have been a Christmas tradition between a grandfather and grandson.

    Christmas 2013 was the first one without my father. In 2006 my father brought my son his first Hess truck for Christmas. Out of this gesture a tradition was born. Every year after that my son told my father he wanted a Hess truck for Christmas. Sadly, this year he wasn't able to do this. My son wanted to continue the Hess truck tradition as a way to honor his grandfather. I made some attempts to obtain the 2013 truck, but without any success. Amazon saved the day!! I was able to order the truck. This made a boy happy and I'm sure a grandfather happy, also( and a mother and daughter). Thank you!!!!

  • jose lopez - dummy with with wife

    Have your wife help you with the install. Is so simple that we guys could not understand. I recommend it, just follow as is writen.

  • seese - titamic

    this is very good similarities with the American farm. need pigs to make it more althentic would be better above average

  • orangetx - which is great since im using it at work

    its a small device, which is great since im using it at work. i like the fact it cuts off once its done charging an item, thats a very handy feature.

  • JR Gumby - Cheap mount with multiple flaws. Barely worth $25 let alone the claimed $80

    The only real reason to get this mount is that it appears to hold a television and is cheap. Granted, if that's what you're after it is roughly what you pay for. Still, that's what I was after and I regret not paying another 25 dollars (or somewhat more) and getting a more quality product.