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  • tired of crap - Great bike for long distance rides!

    Bought this bike because I enjoy long distance bike rides.(60- 100 miles) My daughter outgrew her trailer and I didn't want to put her on a regular style bike seat. This seat allows her to take a nap, play on the iPod, my phone or enjoy the ride and peddle with me. The child does not have to peddle if he/she doesn't want to, their feet are strapped in. It has a cup holder, a small pocket on the opposite side of the cup holder, larger pocket on the back, and two small saddle style bags by the wheel. The chain is in a tube to protect little body parts and from clothing getting caught in it. Good quality!! Its obvious, whoever designed this is a cyclist with a kid.

  • Robert Trube - Great Cross Bars for New Style Jeep Cherokee

    These cross bars fit our 2015 Jeep Cherokee perfectly. Installation was pretty easy and straight forward. We used them with our soft sided roof carrier, and it worked great.

  • Sumy - Best for lactation

    I give this vitamin 5 stars. It really helped me in lactation and my fatigue is gone. It does what it says.

  • TheClick - This software reduced my 80GB/sec FIOS network to dial-up speed ...

    This software reduced my 80GB/sec FIOS network to dial-up speed. Not too long after I installed it, everyone in the house begged me to get rid of it and go back to Norton 360. McAfee has always had the reputation of being a resource hog, but you have to experience it to fully appreciate how it can turn a quad-core computer with 16 GB of memory into an abacus. Most frustrating experience I've ever had with a computer. I'm deleting it from my system and returning it to Amazon.

  • david - Ok but some features claimed will not work

    Cant get 3g 4g to work even after updating to new firmware.. havr to tether since i cant get it to do usb dongle.. also wifi direct will not work with a note 4 at least

  • M. Shain - The only kid music my kid hasn't outgrown

    My son has loved the Imagination Movers for several years now. I'm glad to have some new music for him to listen to! And hopefully a new show to follow!

  • Robert L. Ayers - Street Altas 2015 does not work, and locks up ...

    Street Altas 2015 does not work, and locks up, when you try and use it with a Qstarz 818XT Bluetooth GPS receiver. I have been a DeLorme customer for many years, and the 818XT GPS receiver works with SA 2012, SA 2013, and SA 2014. The only testing DeLorme has done on SA 2015 with a Bluetooth GPS receiver is with an old DeLorme BT-20, which is only a NMEA 2.0 receiver. Delorme does not have the ability to find the change in SA 2015 (from SA 2014), and is trying to say the problem is with my 818XT GPS receiver, which works with SA 2014. DeLorme has even removed my post on their DeLorme forums, where I posted the problem. Delorme has added SA 2015 to their forums, and put my post there.