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  • garciamag - Avoid this version. They know it doesn't work.

    I have been a long time user of this product. In fact, I have over 17 registered products with them. This version is incomplete and the basic function of syncing directories between computers does not work UNLESS you buy cloud space from Acronis. There are many, many folks out there that have reported this and other issues with this recent version.

  • J. Au - Great product

    So far I've used this for my dry scalp (don't get confused with dandruff especially during the winter). I had some big flakes that I thought were dandruff till I researched it. Then I saw several recommendations for tea tree oil and saw this on amazon. Gave it a try since it was cheap. I did try by putting a couple drops of this oil plus a small container of water which they sell @ walmart for a $1 or so. It worked okay, but, the thing is you have to constantly do it. I guess my scalp was pretty dry. I also tried it on my pimple and I read you have to put a drop on your finger and dab it on your pimple. Works not bad too. The only thing is, I prefer coconut as it works faster than the tea tree for my dry scalp. Cleared up my flaking by massaging the coconut oil (cold pressed) into my scalp and in one day, my flaking was reduced by 75% and by the next day, about 90%. Days to follow it cleared it up and I didn't have dry itchy scalp. Sorry, just saying even though it's not about this product.

  • Eric D. Reeves - This is a great cube straight out of the box

    This is a great cube straight out of the box. I had a little trouble getting used to the rounded profile, as my

  • Big Fan - Smile Sciences whitening kit changed my smile!!

    This stuff is the real deal!!! I have extremely sensitive teeth and couldn't use any type of teeth whitening product. I got the kit and was so happy to see the results and NO sensitivity!!! I have had several kits since my first one even the bubble gum kit!! Won't use any other whitening product. To me this is a luxury product because I can use it whenever I want-in my home while I work, cook, read whatever. I LOVE it.

  • R. Schilling - Works Great

    Don't have to worry. It catches things before they happen. Actually prevented me from opening a proven site that worms it's way into the computer and steals personal information. (Of course I didn't know that, at the time I was about to open it!) Easy to install. Quickly. No problems like I had with Kaspersky.