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  • Missladu - Great product

    It really does polish your face and make it glow. Use no more than twice a week because you don't want to over dry your skin.

  • Marilyn H. - who've been struggling with the same problem but we didn't know there was such an easy solution.

    I was having problems viewing Netflix on my TV -- probably because I couldn't locate my wifi router in a central location. My signal kept getting cut off. I use this unit as a range extender and has totally solved my problem. It couldn't have been easier to set up. Just plug in and choose my wireless network. Then, I had to change the wifi name on my TV to point to the Almond range extender, which is just my-wifi-name-Almond. I am already planning to buy two more units for my daughter's family, who've been struggling with the same problem but we didn't know there was such an easy solution.

  • Jamie Madigan - Neither Good Nor Great

    This book by Jim Collins is one of the most successful books to be found in the "Business" section of your local megabookstore, and given how it purports to tell you how to take a merely good company and make it great, it's not difficult to see why that might be so. Collins and his crack team of researchers say they swam through stacks of business literature in search of info on how to pull this feat off, and came up with a list of great companies that illustrate some concepts central to the puzzle. They also present for each great company what they call a "comparison company," which is kind of that company with a goatee and a much less impressive earnings record. The balance of the book is spent expanding on pithy catch phrases that describe the great companies, like "First Who, Then What" or "Be a Hedgehog" or "Grasp the Flywheel, not the Doom Loop." No, no, I'm totally serious.

  • morgan - Actually works !

    Only been using for a few weeks but am starting to notice that it's firmer and skin is smoother also starting to get rounder