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  • Richard K. - You wont be disappointed.

    Came alot faster than I had figured. Packed well, and working. What more could you want? All I can say is give It a try. You wont be disappointed.

  • Mattie Watkins - If you animal has any other skin sensitivities I would not recommend this product.

    My cat has a flea allergy and though I am not usually a flea collar purchaser I thought I would try this product so Ashton could have a bit longer lasting flea protection.

  • N. Jacobs - b-e-a utiful. :)

    This stuff works wonders! I have over processed hair, which is coarse as I'm Indian, and this stuff makes my hair shiny and soft. Just a drop will do you. would highly recommend.

  • shelleyas - I can't see any change

    I bought this for my mom but we both tried it.We couldn't tell any differnce from it and now it just sits in a closet. Kind of a lot of money for nothing.