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Levaquin Hurt Me - Home - Levaquinhurtme is a description of the potential serious adverse events associated with levaquin (levofloxacin) and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

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  • Dee S - Definitely not Olaplex but is a good product for damanged hair!

    About My Hair: African American Natural Hair 4A/4B tightly curled and coily Fine dense strands. High Porosity due to damaged tresses

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues - This stuff worked for me.

    I purchased a 1992 Ford Explorer 4WD for the main purpose of going up into the nearby mountains. It has 247,000 plus miles on the odometer, but the price was cheap, and the engine ran okay. The first thing I noticed was a bit of bearing noise during cold start up just for a brief moment before the oil pressure built up. There is a bit of lifter noise too, until the engine warms. What bothered me was the oil drip on my clean driveway. It dripped about 4-5 drops everytime I parked. Being a past mechanic, I'm not a believer in using additives to swell oil seals. However, I didn't want to hassle dropping the transmission to get to the engine crankshaft seal especially with the high milage. It would be more logical to pull and rebuild the engine. I don't want to rebuild the engine and spend the time and money as long as it ran okay.

  • Robert Morse - Fatal Flaw - Band design means tracker falls out and get's lost

    Don't waste your money on this product. The band is designed so that if something catches it, it flips over and the tracker falls out. Even if you're extremely careful, sooner or later you'll be in a rush somewhere, this will happen and you won't realize it until too late. It can be caused by anything - catching on clothes, the strap of a bag, etc. You'll be lucky if you own this for 6 months before you lose it. This happened even though I was wearing the device securely and according to the instructions provided by Moov. Look online and you'll see that it happens very frequently.

  • HUNAYA C. - Future CPhT!

    The practice test are irreplaceable! Great Study Guide...1 month until exam time! This study guide includes dosing formulas, drug class info and schedules. This will help me prepare for hospital, retail store and mail order pharmacy specific quedtions! #FutureCPhT. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my review.

  • Ashley R. Erb - AMAZING stuff! NOT kidding!

    My son is almost four months old-we've been using this since about 1 month old and it seriously works...I am not kidding. We've run out twice and BOTH times he was a completely different baby. A very colicky, upset, gassy baby. Seriously!!!! I cannot stess enough TRY it! BTW-it smells like black licorice and is sort of sweet...but he seems to prefer his bottles with it vs without.