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  • Todd M. - I've tried lots of things for back pain... and this one works.

    I have lower back pain for years and had a Laminectomy on L4 & L5 many years ago... but never really rid myself of lower back pain. I've tried a lot of things that never worked all that well but I'm very pleased with this product... and it's on my Subscribe & Save program for a 15% savings... which was about 19 bucks but then the price jumped big time. I subscribed in mid-March which should have locked in the price but Amazon raised it just before the ship date but the price a day later on the item was again lower though it didn't drop on my order so I cancelled and subscribed again... just keep one in your cart to monitor price changes if you subscribe to it though I wouldn't pay much more than 22 bucks because that's the regular price at the local chain drug stores. Though it does help with the pain my major problem was leg cramps when sleeping... especially when I stretched out. Those cramps are a direct result from the lower back injury and since I've been taking this for the last few years the cramps are all but eliminated. I only take one pill three times a week but that seems to be enough for me but I also take aspirin and Vitamin B-Complex to compliment it. I can't say what it will do for others but my wife s now taking it and feels more flexible in her Yoga. I have to go with 5-stars because I believe it eliminated the cramps and reduces the inflammation that cause pain... and it didn't involve another trip to a Doctor for an expensive prescription that didn't work or another surgery.

  • Stacie - Got To Love Dante :-)

    I voluntarily read this book as an Advanced Read Copy and it was incredible. I really enjoyed the story line and the characters in this book. From beginning to end you really get a feel for the type of people these characters are. I found myself rooting for Dante and sympathizing with his conflicts. He is a very complex guy and I just really enjoyed reading about him.

  • Bill - Not the best in the series but worth a read

    Eagerly awaiting the latest edition in this series is something of an annual holiday tradition for me. And while not every story is a winner, there’s always at least one that justifies the effort. Often I’m introduced to at lest one intriguing author whose work is new to me. If you’re a subscriber to or frequent reader of The New Yorker, you’ve already read a fair number of the stories in this volume so it may not be worth your time.