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GSK Health Bulgaria | Healthcare Professionals | Начало - Този сайт съдържа информация за продукти на ГлаксоСмитКлайн, които се разпространяват в Европа. Сайтът включва лекарствена информация, информация относно безопасността и последни новини.

  • http://lekari.gsk.bg/products/Arixtra.html Arixtra® - Arixtra® | Сърдечно-съдови | GSK Health Bulgaria | Healthcare Professionals | (фондапаринукс натрий (fondaparinux sodium)) - Arixtra (fondaparinux sodium) е синтетичен и селективен инхибитор на активиран фактор X(Xa) в клас антитромботични средства.
  • http://lekari.gsk.bg/products/03Avodart.html Avodart - Avodart | Урология | GSK Health Bulgaria | Healthcare Professionals | (дутастерид (dutasteride)) - Описание на Аводарт, който се използва за лечение на доброкачествена хиперплазия на простатата и намалява риска от остра задръжка на урина и операция..
  • http://lekari.gsk.bg/products/04Duodart.html Duodart - Duodart | Урология | GSK Health Bulgaria | Healthcare Professionals | (0,5 mg дутастерид (dutasteride) и 0,4 mg тамсулозин хидрохлорид (tamsulosin hydrochloride)) - Описание на Дуодарт, който се използва за лечение на доброкачествена простатна хиперплазия и намалява риска от остра задръжка на урина и операция..
  • http://lekari.gsk.bg/therapy_areas/cardiology.html GSK Health Bulgaria | Healthcare Professionals | Сърдечно-съдови - Можете да намерите информация за всички наши продукти за лечение на сърдечно-съдови заболявания, както и да научите последните новини
  • http://lekari.gsk.bg/therapy_areas/urology.html GSK Health Bulgaria | Healthcare Professionals | Урология - Можете да намерите информация за всички наши продукти за лечение на урологични заболявания, както и да научите последните новини
  • http://lekari.gsk.bg/aboutthissite.html GSK Health Bulgaria | Healthcare Professionals | За този сайт - Добре дошли в сайта за медицински специалисти
  • http://lekari.gsk.bg/privacy_policy1.html GSK Health Bulgaria | Healthcare Professionals | Политика на ГлаксоСмитКлайн за защита на личните данни в интернет - Политика за защита на личните данни на zdrave.gsk.bg

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  • crow - Old loved program..

    I used this program for many years and loved it. My hope was to use it on my Mac.. with Parallels and operating system XP.

  • momofthree - Useless after switch from PC

    When I was a Windows PC owner, I would have given this software a 4 or 5. But I'm now a Mac user, and while I've tried running Living Cookbook using Parallels (as recommended), I can't access any of the recipes that I'd had on my old PC-- they're gone. As Parallels is slow and clunky (and upgrading it is expensive), I thought I'd just export my Living Cookbook recipes to a Mac-formatted program -- export from the old PC, save to an external drive, import to Mac. But the Living Cookbook format is proprietary, so Mac programs can't recognize the recipes.

  • Lora - DO NOT BUY!!

    Buyer beware! I purchased this and my computer kept giving me error messages from the install...well after numerous phone calls and chat sessions of false promises from their IT I had to give up. They would say Employee X will be reviewing your logs in one hour and will e-mail you by the end of the day.....only to follow with no contact. Or "an engineer will be calling you, when is a good time?" but never respond! Each time I contacted them I had to wait on hold for at least 30 minutes, and then twice they disconnected the call, and didn't call me back! Do NOT buy this software!

  • C. Ward - Not for sensitive skins!

    I tried a sample of "Intense Serum" tonight. At first, it felt Ok, although I noticed a film on my face and I tend to like products that absorb completely. Keeping an open mind, I did not wipe or wash off. Well sure enough,after an hour and building onward after that, my face felt the beginning of what I call a "chemical burn." I got an icepack but finally decided to just wash with COLD water and get rid of whatever product was left. I would NOT buy this product. I should have known better anyway: products that say "Anti-aging" and have ANY sort of "acid" etc. , are a big no-no for my sensitive skin. So BE CAREFUL if you have senstive skin .

  • Lindsey Poyner - Smells wonderful!

    Bought this to replace my Doterra lemon E.O. which would be more expensive to replace. The package came a day earlier than I was told it would which is great!! I opened it right away and was thrilled with the smell, the taste is also great tastes just like zest from a lemon definitely would be again.

  • Ranganath - Can use for PC,Android and IOS

    Very useful and with one licence it can be used on PC, Android and IOS devices. I am currently using for Windows PC, 2 IOS devices and and 1 Android device. This also provides anti theft features for mobile device. Overall good product and value for money.

  • randomcthulu - Love the Original Scent

    Smells amazing! Originally bought this set because my boyfriend wanted the Endz for his beard, but I wanted to try some of their other products. Really glad I tried this set.