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  • Sarah Lopez - Talk about frustration!!!

    Okay, first off, my husband and I have used this H&R Block's Home software previous years so we aren't Newbies to their program- we know how to use it. But for some unknown reason to us, upon completion of filing our return it would not allow us to submit our e-file!! We attempted to e-file it multiple times before the April 15th deadline with no success!

  • Philip Bailey - Poisoned Politics

    I just did not think politics could get any nastier, then along comes this book and nasty is now raised to an art form. Complete with complex conspiracies, giant size egos, murder on demand and mysteries that slowly untangle albeit at a fast pace read. It is an improbable scenario with definite possibilities one can only hope is never attempted. Provocative. A definite great read for an entertaining but reader is likely to dwell on this concept for some time. Could it?

  • Imrihil - Sorry I Upgraded

    I had been using Family Tree Maker 2006 and was very happy. This one changes the entire interface. I'm willing to learn a new interface if it's a better interface, but in this case, it's not. Too much control is taken away from me and given to Ancestry.com, which seems to assume that all of the shoddy genealogy work posted on their site is trustworthy. If I could go back to 2006, I would. If you try it, I would suggest copying all of your old files first. That way, if you upgrade them and want to go back, you'll still have them in the older format.

  • zakir sadiki - ... wat these other people are talking about box is excellent, well designed fit perfectly in my 05 dodge ...

    Idk wat these other people are talking about box is excellent, well designed fit perfectly in my 05 dodge ram. My championship series 10s were a little tight but didn't have to modify, slipped right in after u find the right position

  • Amazon Customer - Great product good price

    Fit perfect ! You can also still use the plastic cap holder cord to attach the cap to the truck.. Nice feature!!

  • Tad Freezeland - that the code was a bad converter. Also a price of $1200

    Was told after the check engine light on our 2005 Mazda minivan came on, that the code was a bad converter. Also a price of $1200.00 was quoted for replacement. Ordered the cataclean and used as directed, except I drove it over the 15 miles. I waited until the tank was nearly empty before filling. A few miles after adding the cataclean, the engine light went off. The sulfur stink is gone. The car used to run 60mph at 2000rpm. Now it holds 60mph at 1800rpms so I know the engine is running a lot better. I have no codes showing now when tested. I recommend this product for anyone.

  • sheri clark - Helpful information

    Especially liked that they graphed not just the average accepted GPAs and MCATs, but also the range. Contains a lot of information I havent even had time to peruse yet