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  • Amazon Customer - Worth the purchase!!

    We are thoroughly enjoying our Aervana!! The only complaint (if you want to call it that) we have is that you can't really "clean" it.. You basically just run water through it. I'm a bit of a clean freak when it comes to kitchen items so I feel as though this may not keep it sufficiently clean over time.

  • Steve Riley - Horrible software!

    Recently I changed my windows password, and that was the end of Acronis. I spent 3 hours researching and trying to get it working again to no avail. People on Acronis's forum said they'd had this same issue for years. Acronis never answers issues on their own forums! And the bug is still there. It locks up and doesn't want you to change anything at all. I finally got past that, and tried various solutions, including deleting my backup setup and reentering it, thus allowing me to enter my new password. I pressed the test button, and it said it connected. Then I tried to back it up, and it won't, invalid credentials! According to one post, I went in and deleted the saved credentials in the registry, and deleted my backup and entered in a new one again, same results. I spent many hours, all wasted on horrible software the company could care less about fixing.

  • Winston the Kitten - New and Unimproved

    My Two Year old has been in Pampers Swaddlers since Day 1 of his life. We are now in Size 4 (he is an average guy and well within the weight range). The new diapers were visibly thinner than the old diapers. I held them next to each other and could visibly see and feel the difference. What's worse is that my son has been waking up SOAKED in urine in the mornings now. We NEVER had this problem with the old version before but the new diapers but he has woken up soaked in the mornings where he has leaked out the sides. It's so sad! I'm so very disappointed that this great product that I loved is now garbage. We have had to do laundry every night for the last two weeks and we just put it together that the new diapers are causing it. On top of this, the diapers went up 20%+ in price. I didn't love this but we've always relied on this diaper so I sucked up the price increase. But now that we have to pay MORE for an INFERIOR product. So disappointed since I used to love these diapers. We will be looking for a new diaper for my son.

  • Duy Thanh Le - The book is extremely helpful

    The information provided in the book is extravagant and interesting to read.Therefore,it also helps me understand my favorite colleges greatly