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  • Amazon Customer - Works perfect. Already alerted me twice to a bad condition

    Works perfect. Already alerted me twice to a bad condition. Saved my cats life. I'm a full time RVer in Florida.

  • P. Jones - Great! Definitely waterproof lol

    My daughter wore this watch in a downpour and it's just fine. I recommend dishing the extra $10 bucks for the waterproof version of the watch (this one) because children can be clumsy and nothing breaks a child's heart more than a broken toy they love. My daughter LOVES her watch and Im thrilled that she is learning time, days of the week, and calendar reading with this watch, as well as hopping, running, and playing. Its great car entertainment for a long trip for her as well.

  • Peter Swinson - Great money saver

    Amazing product. I have a car that would go dead if not driven in three days. Also a lawnmower that wouldn't start if not run in 2 weeks. Hook this device up and both work like new. Been about a month now since using and still starting fine.

  • david - waste

    waste of money did as instruction said to do ,did not work,would not waste your money,go to a head shop

  • David Felder - Not as bad as getting a root canal

    Since there are so many different scenarios for installing QB, I'll start by explaining what I had before installing this.