Lavender - Lavender Honey from Wolds Way Lavender. Our lavender and herb farm on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds in North Yorkshire produces essential lavender oil from our own distillery. A visitor attraction to view the lavender and herb beds and enjoy our shop and tea room just off the A64 near Malton

Country:, North America, US

City: -81.1893 Florida, United States

  • Candace Russell - Choke. This stuff smells awful. Fragrance in something ...

    Choke. This stuff smells awful. Fragrance in something that's supposed to be "healing"? Really? Maybe I'll be able to stand it outdoors when winter comes, but will definitely not buy again.

  • Wildeone - Bone Up On Videos with Video Hound

    We always get the latest Video Hound which is a great tool when planning to purchase movies on DVD. The reviews given as "bones" are usually right on target. Great companion book to Leonard Maltin's. Owning both these review books will definitely steer you to what you want to watch.

  • Elma Best Lee - A Stable

    Have used this product for several years. Only purchased thru Amazon because of the savings. The line gives me the youthful skin that I desire.

  • kindlereader - Good Translation!

    The Revised Edition is a pleasure to read. The updated translation uses "newer", modern English words, and comes even closer to the Greek and Hebrew original. This is definitely the version I recommend. I also commend this Kindle edition for its accurate text, working hyperlinks (that work flawlessly on Kindle Touch) and really neat formatting.

  • C. Cundey - Is Heisenberg cooking for Animal now? Cause I swear there's meth in here.

    If you're looking to take your workout to next 3 or 4 levels, this will definitely take you there. M-Stak leaves me fully energized for about 4-5 hours. I'm an amateur bodybuilder that does German volume training and ridiculous amounts of supersets. After one workout with M-Stak, I felt like I could at least one more workout session....... Definitely worth the buy.