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  • Shells - Damn good

    I love love love this product. I will continue to purchase it. It takes a few months before u see results but it worked and has made my butt and hips slightly bigger, smoother. I do not even work out, I'm sure if I did the results would be greater. Overall I'm pleased.

  • James S. Kelley - No Science in the Writing

    The book lacks the elements I have grown to treasure. There are no illustrations,no tables,no graphs. There are no boxes for emphasis,no introductions and no conclusions. There are teasers to each article without much content. There is no obvious website to update the content and no source for power points to help pass the material on to others. Some of the originals are available on the web,without pay wall and have the same defects. Randomly opening the book,you fined a historian attacking a scientist,mostly ad hominem, for being skeptical of Islam????

  • Bobby J Kissinger - Good while it lasted...just over a month

    Good speaker for the month that it lasted. I bought this from another site to use in my garage. It worked just fine both while plugged in and while running off the battery for the first month. Then I noticed it wasn't charging while plugged in. While troubleshooting I found that it would charge if plugged into the DC outlet in my truck, but not the AC outlet in my house. Called Ion to get some support and was told that I would have to pay to ship my less than 90 day old speaker back ($48 very heavy). I asked about getting the replacement sent first so I could use the packaging and was told they don't offer that. Won't be buying another ION product.

  • John Harris - Very difficult to balance and reconcile

    I moved from Microsoft Money after they stopped supporting it, and I do NOT recommend Quicken 2010. When you download transaction from the bank, many are duplicates, but it's extremely difficult to identify which transactions are duplicates, because you only have the choice to hide all reconciled AND all downloaded transactions. So you have to weed through a year or more worth of transactions. And filtering the list actually changes the ending balance. So if you show only cleared transactions or only the last 3 months, it shows a different balance than if you show all transactions from the beginning of time.