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  • MandBinc - This was a better deal

    I had intended to change my AV to something else but found that Norton AV was a better deal. The only caveat is that after installation you need to run an extended update process which ties up the PC for a while.

  • Amazon Customer - Webroot

    Best software I've ever used was Zone Alarm. I would still be using it if they had a CD again 2 yrs ago. I always buy a new CD every year instead of just a subscription. That way, if my computer dies, I don't have to download 5 yrs worth of updates, just install the CD and this yr's updates.

  • Mary I. Ward - The Belly Fat Cure - Jorge Cruise

    I pre-ordered "The Belly Fat Cure" for my Kindle on December 28, 2009 after seeing Jorge Cruise on "The View." Of all the diet plans that were being reviewed by "the girls" of "The View" Jorge's was the only one that I knew would work for me and made any sense, once again for me. What appealed to me was science behind the diet and my personal desire to remove all the hidden sugar from my life. Diabetes runs rapid throughout my mother's side of the family. I have several autoimmune diseases and I last thing I need is to develop Type 2 diabetes. To date I have not even after being on prednisone for eleven and a half years. Prednisone can trigger diabetes. Since then I have also purchased "hardcover" copy at my neighbor bookstore for ease of cooking the recipes each day. I did not have and continue to not have any of the problems the other reviews have had with the cover or the pages concerning the spiral binding and cannot understand why anyone would since it is all one piece. Maybe it has been changed since I brought my copy. Mine was purchased in January.

  • Amazon_user12 - Not perfect but okay and useful

    This sound amplifier is okay and useful. I can confirm that there is a higher than normal background noise like other users are complaining about. My elderly father uses it on the lowest setting in order to reduce the background noise. It helps him with normal conversations and with listening to the television set. He was frustrated with using his expensive hearing aid which would keep losing its batteries and would also last for like 1-2 hours. This device has a great battery life and last a pretty long time (almost a full day). No batteries to buy and its easy to recharge. This device has a lot of potential and is priced right. It just needs some minor refinements and testing.

  • Amazon Customer - Looked for weeks this one is great.

    Works great, Great price and easy to set up. Pool is cleaner then it has been in years and the water floe is strong.