L a b o r - The liminal Zone – Tudatküszöb Kiállítók: Szécsényi-Nagy Loránd, Szekeres Ágnes Kurátor: Ács Bálint Megnyitó: szeptember 19. 19:00 Nyitva tartás: 16

  • Információ | L a b o r - A LABOR, mely 2007 szeptemberében a C3 Kulturális és Kommunikációs Központ Alapítvány (C3), a Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiója Egyesület (FKSE) és a Magyar
  • Linkek | L a b o r - Partnerek: C3 Kulturális és Kommunikációs Központ Alapítvány Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiója Egyesület Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem Művészeti és
  • MARGINALIA / Nicola Guastamacchia és James Proctor kiállítása | L a b o r - Kurátor: Kemal Orta Kiállítást megnyitja: Dr. habil Kőnig Frigyes DLA Megnyitó: 2016. augusztus 26. 18:00      
  • Pics that didn’t happen/ HORDÓS BOLDIZSÁR kártyapartija | L a b o r - HORDÓS BOLDIZSÁR/ Pics that didn't happen A 'Fantasi' kártyajáték debütál a Laborban! Az a sajátságos kultúrharc, amit általában a politika nevében, ellen
  • Robot kiállítás – MOME média design BA II. + Petikid | L a b o r - Megnyitó: 2016. július 9. (szombat) 18:00 óra A Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem másodéves, MÉDIA-DESIGN szakos hallgatói egy őszi kurzus keretén belül bizonyos
  • Stardust and LaserBooms | L a b o r - Kiállító művészek: Leintner Levente, Nagy Gergő, ROBOTTO. A kiállítást megnyitja: GALACTIC JACKSON - DJ SET Megnyitó: 2016. június 30. 19:00 Mindhárom

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    City: 21.35 Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Hungary

  • M. Updike - 4 months 30 pounds down, no lifestyle change

    Following the two meal replacements per day, with a small reasonable snack and the same dinner habits I've lost 30 pounds. This is with minimal exercise as I'm awaiting knee replacement surgery. I use almond milk instead of regular and enjoy a flavorful very filling meal with 150 calories. Sometimes I mix up the flavor with the included packs, or adding some almond extract, or replacing the milk with a fruit flavored soy milk. One note is to be careful what vendor you buy from as some will fiddle with the flavor packs. I had one that sent the correct number of packs, but consistently removed the banana and strawberry with replacing with the orange (which I found revolting). I've had the best luck purchasing from "V Challenge Store".

  • Mark C. - This is by far the worst thermogenic supplement I have ever consumed

    This is by far the worst thermogenic supplement I have ever consumed! I'm sure it may work for others, as other bodies tolerate supplements differently, but I've gotten so many side effects from these pills alone. Never purchasing again!

  • Tasha M - There is one story included that makes the whole book ...

    There is one story included that makes the whole book worthwhile. It is entitled 'Long Tom Lookout' and is by Nicole Cullen, a writer new to my radar. There is a lot going on in this story. The gist of it is that a woman is looking for her errant husband from whom she is separated. He is not to be found but when she goes to his home, she steals his pick-up truck and the five year-old child he had with another woman (who is now in jail for drug addiction). The child appears to be autistic. He barely speaks except to repeat words, and is fascinated with maps. She drives from New Orleans to Idaho and there secures a job at a remote site as a fire sighter. The story is about the relationship of the woman and the child, along with her attempts to try and understand herself and him, and come to terms with the dissolution of the marriage. The story's power lies with what is implied but not directly stated. It takes a writer with real chops to create a short story that stays with the reader without fading in its beauty. Ms. Cullen succeeds in doing this.