Kidney Disease Natural Cure - You are at greater risk for kidney disease if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or a close family member with kidney disease

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  • Kevin Reynolds - A bit of a misunderstanding

    Im sure its a great cable, but I couldn't get it to function. The connection was just dead. Then a read the documentation, the cable was terminated previous to me receipt of the item. I guess I should have realized that my receiver had to have a astral plane connection port from the onset. I thought that spending all this money was going to make my normal speakers sound better, not let me commune with the dead. I have a medium coming over next week to see if my uncle Alfred can tell me where his money stash is so I can hear the spirits in stereo.

  • Longoria - Scary, don't read alone!!!!!

    You have got to read this author! He writes about what is going to happen during the tribulation. He is not just writing his own opinions; but his research is rather in depth with quotes from reliable sources like the bible. He is also a christian. His style of writing keeps the reader interested. I highly recommend all his books as well as sometimes co-author Chris Putnam.

  • Garden Reader - The Best

    This is an awesome manual, I had very little previous experience with Acess and was able to create my own database very quickly with this easy to read manual. Very easy to follow. I will be keeping this book nearby!

  • sherbear - This stuff is amazing, but you have to be diligent

    We have used this in our personal home, I am a property manager and have brought these nasty "hitch hikers" home a few times. This stuff is amazing, but you have to be diligent. Plus they have great customer service if you have questions. The big thing is being diligent. You can't just spray it and hope everything goes away. You have to spray and vacuum, and spray and vacuum. Use the powder in all wall openings (outlets, switches, cable/internet hookups), spray and seal your mattresses. You have to repeat weekly for several weeks. This product is much less expensive than exterminators and works better than the stuff they have. It has no odor, and has never stained anything.

  • Lauren In Glen Burnie - Expensive but very good!

    Like many of the others that have reviewed this shampoo, I too stayed at a Hilton and used it. This shampoo is without a doubt the best I have ever tried on my hair. You do not have to use much as it lathers up very well. I only wash my hair once every four days or so and combined with using a small amount it should last awhile but at $18 it is expensive. Seems to me that if they lowered the price they would probably sell more but I don't know what their overhead is. I really think this stuff would catch on if they did! It leaves my hair shiny and so soft and manageable when used with their mega rich conditioner (also very expensive) and as I said, this stuff really really is good. Just wish it was a bit cheaper.... I would have rated it an enthusiastic 5 stars if it was around $10 or $11 a bottle.