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Medicine - Kyung Dong Pharm. Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer for pharmaceutical products for anti-biotics, anti-virus, anti-histamin, cardiovascular as well as 80 kinds of ethical pharmaceuticals.

  • http://kdpharma.en.ecplaza.net/green-g-suspension--4326-84585.html GREEN-G Suspension - Kyung Dong Pharm. Co., Ltd. - Product : GREEN-G Suspension Active Ingredient : Aluminium oxide...400mg Magnesium hydroxide...80mg Simethicone...80mg Packing : 100P/ box
  • http://kdpharma.en.ecplaza.net/kefzol-gel---4326-84584.html KEFZOL GEL. - Kyung Dong Pharm. Co., Ltd. - Product : KEFZOL GEL. Active Ingredient : Ketoconazole...20mg Packing : 15g/ tube

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  • tnew - LOVE!

    I create advertising for my company and love this program. It has tons of graphics and size options, and was so easy to learn 'on the go'. My only suggestion would be to add photo-altering capabilities.

  • Kathleen Roper - no disk for kindle

    The book keeps referring to the disk which comes with the hardback copy. kindle copy doesn't appear to have access to it.

  • Steve - How Big Brother took over the NEST thermostat I used to own.

    I hope you correctly interpret the above one start as a negative review. I could not submit my review unless I clicked on at least one star. Too bad we could not depict negative starts.

  • M. Daniels - review of 1983 Guardian

    Okay this is a review of my Gerber Guardian purchased in 1983. Original black handle shiney blade. To write this review I walked less then 15' and picked up my knife. What I'm saying there is 27 years after buying it I knew exactally where it is and can lay hand on it in seconds. The blade is designed by R.W. Loveless. The blade is made out of a high carbon very hard steel. It has a dimond shape cross section for making a blood channel. I used it once to put down a deer that had been hit on the road. One poke and there was blood squirting. The wounded deer was forever out of pain in about 10 seconds. Granted I have the anatomical knowledge to use a tool like the Gerber to that affect... don't expect a careless poke to do anything other then make something very angry with you. It was my main packaging knife when I was doing military service. The stiff blade was excellent at cutting tape.... after cutting I'd draw the edge back down the tape to stick it down real good. It is NOT weighted for throwing. I can throw it and did so when I was a silly young soldier. Take the advice of an ol-phart and don't throw it.

  • lisa - Ijust don't think it's for me. I scared myself ...

    Ijust don't think it's for me. I scared myself when I looked in the mirror and saw the black film all over. It took me multiple washes to remove all the charcoal. A little goes a very long way. A 2 minute tooth brushing has turned into a 5 minute ordeal. My teeth may evntually end up whiter but it's not worth the hassle plus I then end up needing to clean outh my sink. What a mess :{

  • Amber B. - Makes my skin very soft and great moisturizer. Has not helped fade my scars yet ...

    Makes my skin very soft and great moisturizer. Has not helped fade my scars yet but only been using it for about a week. I do apply this every night and replaces the moisturizer as well. I would hope to see results by 6 weeks - usually that is how long it takes for products like these. But overall it does give my face new life and doesn't have any side affects. Doesn't break me out or chemical burns.