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Kate Winslet Web | your resource for the Academy Award winning Actress - Thanks to the wonderful Claudia we have captures of Kate's portrayal of Jeanine Matthews from Divergent & Insurgent in our gallery! Gallery

  • http://katewinslet.org/kate/ All About Kate | Kate Winslet Web - Kate Winslet was born in Reading, England. She was raised in a theater family. In this section learn more about the woman behind the actress.
  • http://katewinslet.org/career/ Career | Kate Winslet Web - Kate has been working in the entertainment industry since the mid nineties and in that time has done various kinds of film and television. In this section of
  • http://katewinslet.org/internet/ Internet | Kate Winslet Web - Check out some of the other links and places on the internet that are related to Kate and also the awesome sites we affiliate with.  
  • http://katewinslet.org/2016/10/kate-winslet-the-newsweek-interview/ Kate Winslet: The Newsweek Interview | Kate Winslet Web - Kate recently did an interview for Newsweek Magazine where she talked about her new film The Dressmaker, what her kids think of her films, and more. "I'm
  • http://katewinslet.org/2016/09/kate-winslets-message-to-the-mean-girls-in-school-who-bullied-her-for-being-chubby/ Kate Winslet’s message to the mean girls in school who bullied her for ‘being chubby’ | Kate Winslet Web - Kate Winslet's new dramedy, "The Dressmaker," is all about one woman's mission to exact sweet revenge on everyone who did her wrong in the past, and as it turns
  • http://katewinslet.org/2016/09/collateral-beauty-teaser-trailer/ Collateral Beauty Teaser Trailer | Kate Winslet Web - Warner Brothers has released a teaser trailer for Collateral Beauty. I got chills watching it. Can't wait for this film! Hits theaters in December

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  • Chris V - Good fit

    Your going to loose some reception with this antenna but you don't have to worry about branches and the car wash. Looks good just wish it was a little taller.

  • ANGIE - I really really wanted to keep this but the crotch ...

    I really really wanted to keep this but the crotch strap/buckle (yes, at the longest length) dug into my daughter's leg. If they made this a little longer, it'd be perfect

  • Blackwolf - Just as nice as last two box sets, but no Bluray/DVD audio

    I thoroughly enjoyed the last two Immersion sets, particularly the 5.1 mixes. For some reason, this set didn't include a 5.1 mix. Only a single unimpressive DVD disc containing a couple of music videos and a short documentary. On the plus side, the 2011 remastered discs sound excellent. I haven't listened to the live discs yet. Discs 5 and 6 contains compelling demos, listening to them gives a completely different perspective of the album.

  • RedKar - Waste of money

    Do not buy the Ninja blender. I was naive enough to buy two. The first one lasted about one year, and the second one broke after 4 months. All I use it for is my daily fruit and veggie smoothie. Manufacturer says "Normal wear and tear" meaning they refuse to stand behind the product. Waste of money.

  • Plato loves Circles - I'm not going to recommend you go through it


  • S. Standefer - Great!

    What a great story! Charlotte saves Hugh from certain death and Hugh can't forget her. Hugh and Charlotte have a lot to overcome to be together. You will love the characters and the story. Amy Jarecki brings them both alive, you won't be disappointed! A must read of Amy Jarecki.