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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Mr&MzPrime - Great safe belt safety leashes with clips for your pets

    Great safe belt safety leashes with clips for your pets. They work as described and the seat belt latch does work perfectly and really smoothly. I've had no problems or issues in using them and make you come out I expected them to. They're pretty durable as well. I've only had a good experience and using them since receiving these seat belts leashes for dogs. If this is what you are searching for and are interested in this product I suggest using this one as it is a well-made one and it works properly. I did receive this product at a heavily discounted rate or for free in exchange for my 100% honest and an unbiased opinion in my review and that is exactly what I provided here. Thank you.

  • Samuel J. Beaver - unexpected favorite

    this game was a surprise pleasure. we got the wii u strictly for playing mario games, but this was a free offer. I did not expect to play it, but once we did, it turned out to be the favorite. gameplay is simple and straightforward, encouraging long term use. some assignments are difficult to figure out, but not too bad with a few repeat attempts. perfect game for 5-6 year olds and family, but is limited to being only single player on the gamepad. good value. from a non gaming parent, gameplay is easy to understand. fun use of the gamepad in the gameplay. may require reading, but has arrows and the game will let you know what to do next to unlock more levels.

  • Jim Besso - The test worked VERY well.

    I lost my install CD for my old version of Creator (version 9), so when I upgraded my laptop, I looked for a replacement. This option, a downloadable version from Amazon, was available for discount, because it was the "old version", although it was a couple of versions newer than the one I had been using. I installed this version on my new Windows 8 laptop, and it installs and runs perfectly. I like the feature enhancements from version 9, and the software itself is familiar enough for me to hit the ground running. I've mastered several DVD's already, and generated several slide shows of pictures with music and text overlays, and it couldn't have been easier. I've also clipped together movies from my camera with clips downloaded from youtube and facebook, and that worked very well... even a HD movie that was huge - over an hour total time. It took a while to render, to the final movie of course, but there were options to render it for use on a phone, various devices such as a tablet, ipad or video player, computer, dvd, blue ray, and more. Over all, I'm very happy with this version of Roxio, and with purchasing software on Amazon - they keep the info "in the cloud", so I can get to it later, and the process was very manageable. My test worked well, and I would absolutely do this again, when the opportunity arises!

  • Anne Stickles - McAfee

    Had to return, because it didn't work with my PC. If it had worked, I think, I would enjoy it immensely.

  • Mybelle - hydro mousse a total rip off don.t waste your money

    this product is a total rip off. the ad on tv is a total lie, let the consumer be aware of false advertizing. the local fox station did a piece on it called duds or deals it is a total dud, just as i experienced..... please dont sell this product anymore, it is a waste of money.hydro

  • Amazon Customer - Should Be Called Net-Objectionable 2013 Times Worse Than Before

    First let me say that it is entirely my fault for my stupidity to keep on buying their junk since V5. As anyone knows customer support (unsure what that means now days – like unlimited is not unlimited – so it could mean whatever they want it to mean) always blames the customer. V5 helped me finish up a project that someone else could not complete since they had died just after starting. I paid around $500 plus for the program back then.