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Kang Acupunchure - About Us - Erkang Hu is a practitioner who listens to her patience and has 16 years of experience in treating a multitude of issues with a natural approach using Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. Dr. Hu has great knowledge as she was a medical doctor in China before coming to the U.S. and she now works with several Doctors/Health Care Professionals in the area for the welfare of their patients.

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  • John E. Ellison - Sorry, but ...

    Really loved their first CD, but I didn't enjoy the live CD from that period. Why, I guess it's for the same reasons I don't like many live CDs. To put this in context, I am one of those people that love Emerson Lake and Palmer, but don't like their live CDs; and the same with Yes. [Yes, I've revealed my age] On the other hand Steve Morse and King Crimson sound great live. As for their DVD, I did enjoy that. I would give that 5 stars. Why? Because watching them makes up for what I didn't like. I do have to say that Lizzy should drastically trim her prologue a-cappella bit at the start of the CD/DVD.

  • Cyndi Becker - Here I go wishing my life away...I can't wait for January 2017~ 5++ stars ~ 2016 #MustRead and #Favorite

    What a perfect read - everything about the Marriage Games #1 is right, right, right! But why? The story line & concept, CD Reiss' brilliant execution and some the most emotionally complex characters I've ever read. I can't even find my words...not easily at least but here goes.

  • kinetic_1 - Great game to workout with

    Great game to workout with. Also love the just dance unlimited and all the different song choices from the previous versions. It's nice to have them all instead of swapping out discs. Everyone should have a good time with this one!

  • Phlabberghast! - Fun and Instructive

    I searched extensively to find a collection of casino games that would be professional, fun and helpful with learning. Hoyle Card Casino Games is all of that. I had stumbled into malware trying to download a simple free casino game... a lot of trouble to correct and certainly not worth the risk. This game is a great treat and offers more bang for the buck than competitors. Enjoy!

  • Lauren - Gave me energy, stopped bloating, and cleared my skin

    This stuff is amazing. Take a shot of it with fresh lemon juice and you can hardly taste it. I cant wait to take it everyday because I feel better IMMEDIATELY after taking it. I have lent a cup or so to my friends to try and we are all obsessed. Gives us energy, focus, and less discomfort throughout day.

  • shoshana feiner - Unorganized and Inaccurate

    This book is okay, but is terribly organized and written in huge blocks of text, making it impossible to figure out what information you need to know. The practice tests at the end are way too hard, but they're also not in the right style - if you want to overstudy and feel very prepared, use Barrons instead. The only reason to purchase this is to use the quizzes at the end of each chapter, which have about 20 questions on each topic and are good, but not different from anything you'd find in any other book. Spend your money on Barrons and Princeton Review books if you want to do well without wasting too much time.