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  • Chef Adrienne - An excellent product, well worth its price

    These Systane Ultra eye drops are the fastest working and longest lasting eye drops I have ever used. An excellent product, well worth its price.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome TV!

    Awesome TV!! I have the 50 in and it is crystal clear. All of the apps work fine including Amazon. Clearly, this is the best TV I have owned and it replaced an older Samsung. Not sure about some of the complaints in the reviews. Sometimes you get a lemon no matter what you purchase, but as you can see, this gets 4 and half stars in the reviews here. For the money, I don't see how you could do any better. This TV is even better if you pair it with a good stereo system and blu-ray player. Enjoy!

  • T. Ethridge - My Final Communication with the World...

    The knife has become self-aware, and is staring at me from the corner of the room. The 1,387 page instruction manual has no troubleshooting for self-awareness. I've attempted to communicate with the knife, but it only speaks Swiss-German. It keeps saying: "Ich werde Ihre Welt zu beherrschen!" It looks angry. Funny, because everyone was so nice during my last trip to Switzerland. Anyway, if you purchase this knife, be sure to unplug it from the USB port at night, power down WiFi, and disable the satellite link, lest it access Google and learn and as mine did. This is my final communication with the world....self-awareness hiccup aside, five stars for the crème brûlée torch.

  • Dennis P. Hagemann - Connected to ATV battery. Seems to boil the water ...

    Connected to ATV battery. Seems to boil the water out after a couple of week. Had to add water several times since I have been using it. Battery Tender didn't do this. Spoke to manufacture and they told me to check output voltage. It was right on. Then they claimed it was normal to have to add water when charging. Never had to add water with battery tender on several batteries. I have no idea if the desulfation benefit works at this point in time. I bought two more battery tenders since this purchase.

  • jen d - Great watch for kids

    Such a cool watch & got my daughter (4) suddenly interested in telling time. She picked up on the idea quickly & regularly told us what time it was (she at least got the hour hand right). She also loved recording herself singing & playing it back. So many features she hasn't even treated out yet. Everything works great & in 9 days with moderate use dull hasn't required a recharge.

  • Nate - the fit wasn't very good - or consistent from panel to panel

    For the most part, I'm very impressed. However, the fit wasn't very good - or consistent from panel to panel. Each panel was different for each side. You can only adjust the door so much to make up for this because the latch bar for the door can only adjust a very small amount. I teamed this up with the graphics kits from UTV Giant that I had to get from them directly. Overall, I'm happy with the way it turned out.