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  • Excellent. Easy to read. Much helpful information. - Excellent. Easy to read. Much helpful information.

    Mr. Landis has succeeded in making a very complicated subject comprehensible to the average reader. All my questions about how the system works were answered. I appreciated the fact that Mr. Landis was employed by the Social Security Administration for many years and was able to give an insider's account of procedures and benefits. Many thanks for this very helpful book!

  • Stretch8302 - #1 Office Prank

    I bought this last week and let me say, this is rancid! I work in a warehouse with about 15 guys and did a couple pranks this week. First one was just one squirt in the bathroom. I watched 3 guys go in and right back out gagging, they then proceeded to mop the floor and spray about an entire can of Lysol in there. The second one was better. Our boss sits in the office all day, so when he left for a couple minutes, I went in to set the trap. I squirted two sprays in the office and went out. He returned and thought something died in there, he went home for the day because he couldn't stand the smell. He said it smelt like somebody took a giant sh** in the middle of his office. This is a must have to get the guys at work!

  • Stefanie Cornwall - Easy and Fun to Use

    The SodaStream Jet model is incredibly easy to use. Once assemble by screwing the carbonator into place, you can carbonate a liter of chilled water in about 7-10 button clicks. You will hear a series of somewhat load buzzes to indicate the water is sufficiently fizzed, although you can add more carbonation if you prefer. The jet starter kit include 6 soda flavor samples to start you off so you can get in idea of what flavors you will like. It is my experience that only about 30% of the flavors are actually tasty, or taste like the real product, but none the less, I have found some favorites.

  • M&M - Please beware!

    First I want to say that I am a distributor for It Works and it is against company policy to sell it works products on EBay, Amazon and Craigslist. If you are getting your products on here beware as they could be expired, tampered with or a different product all together. Also by purchasing here, you are missing out on points and are spending way more than you should.

  • jjpete - Pleasant but not a miracle product

    I got this product to even out my skin tone. Unfortunately, I have very sensitive skin. While this did not irritate my legs at all, it did make my face and neck feel a little uncomfortable. <--it definitely didn't BURN my skin, but it just made my face and neck feel over-oiled and uncomfortable. (I tried this twice. The first time it felt fine, but the second time it felt uncomfortable). If there was less of a scent, I think it would have been fine on my face, but since it has a very pleasant and prominent rose smell, it was just too much for my face.

  • SometimesWright - Great Picture Quality - wish Game 6 was included

    Great blu ray picture on this. I'm not sure why game 6 of the world series was not included in its entirety. Instead Game 5 of Philadelphia Series is there. That game is great but no runs are scored the last 8 innings so it doesn't quite have the appeal for repeated viewings. I guess they kept game 6 for the more expensive Collectors edition.

  • Jeffrey Studebaker - I can't play pre-recorded bluray discs with it, and ...

    I can't play pre-recorded bluray discs with it, and that is why I bought it. I can't find a link with the manufacturer even to ask if there is an add-on that would permit it.