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  • Matthew Rhodes - Worth Reading

    Interesting book. Makes some sense to me as a scientist. Bought a pad at Definitely slept better the first few nights. Been sleeping grounded for about 2 months now. I still have some nights where I'm up 3-4 times, but overall I think I sleep better. Now at times I might sleep 3-4 hours straight instead of 1-2 hours. My health and energy levels seem to be improving. My stomach problems (heartburn, nausea, meals not staying down) have almost cleared up completely. Something a bunch of doctors hadn't accomplished in spite of a bunch of tests over the past 2-3 years. gives out paper copies of this book with orders, but I wanted to read it before buying. Worth a try for those with unsolved health issues. Even if it were a scam, I've spent more on useless tests & doctor visits.

  • A. Smith - Not as good as I remembered

    The articles in the front section are pretty good, significantly better than the ones in the 2011 edition. I haven't tried the "webinar" yet.

  • Mark Evans - Great supplement

    This NutriChem Labs NATURES BURN pills are entirely natural and unlike any other brand they promote there ingredients and highlight exactly what's in the bottle where most companies usually try to hide there ingredients. This product helps me burn excess fats. Helps me loss weight ,very effective. My energy has increased and motivates me to stay active on my feet throughout the day. This has all natural ingredients and gives me peace of mind that he is taking a natural fat burner instead of all the junk out there. It gives me amazing energy and actually makes me more productive at work. I have taken other diet pills in the past and it always gave me a weird jittery feeling. These really make me feel great, giving me just the right amount of energy.

  • panda - seems to work

    Seems to help with kidney infections, I had touble with infections for over a year and have started using these every day and haven't had hardly any trouble since. Seems to work.