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  • O. Cantieni - Great army knife, but QC is modest at best

    I was using my trustful "McGyver 1.0" when it - in use since 1985 - finally broke. I decided to switch to the Wenger Giant. Overall a e perfect tool, but I have to limit to 4 stars rating due to bad quality control at Wenger. Recently, when switching from appliance #344 (Flood-Lightning) to #657 (Wrecking Ball), I noticed a faint voice saying "Gruezi, M.Sc. Meyer here...". I think that at the factory a mechanical development engineer got stuck into the knife and had been overseen by exit control. This is somewhat annoying, especially when I want to use #256 (Ski Flying Hill) it disturbs my sportive activity. On the pro side, using #451 (RMA tracker) I got an approval for exchange by the seller.

  • Joe Garifo - I keep a billfold there to store receipts and can very easily pull that out and put away without having to ...

    This is my laptop bag. I fly through security with this bag. I simply unzip the back section and lay it down, then just grab the handle and go when it comes out of the X-ray machine. I have only used the aluminum hooks to close the bag, and not the velcro on the inside. There are plenty of pockets and pouches for phones, pens, pencils, chapstick, and keys. Big fan of the side access pocket, I keep a billfold there to store receipts and can very easily pull that out and put away without having to open the whole bag. The part I love the most is the bottom power supply pocket. Gets that awkwardly shaped power supply out of the rest of the bag and stores it easily. This bag is 100% the one for a tech traveler.

  • T. doyle - Will not improve the underlying issue and The paperwork states this clearly.

    This product is urea-based. This will soften and thin the nail but it will not improve the underlying problem. This is NOT a cure and the paperwork says this clearly. I had a light to moderate issue and it did not improve it. I went to the prescription Penlac liquid and saw quick improvements.

  • doubleM - WOW!

    This mouth wash keeps my breath fresh all day long, even if I eat pungent foods throughout the day! My results, with other mouth washes, have been extremely temporary...this stuff is magic and it tastes good! The bottle lasts for a while, I only use the recommended capful and I don't need to rinse everyday

  • marmalade7 - Look For Something Better

    I suppose it's O.K. for use of small children or if you have nothing to do but file your nails. It's very slow going and the light flickers, which tells me that it's overtaxed just doing the easiest trimming. I still have to use an emery board to finish the job.

  • Sunny - Company has reduced content of product

    Recently I purchased Pro enamel for the same price I had always paid. The company has now reduced the 4 oz to 2.7 oz for the same price! Really! Did they think the customer wouldn't notice the tube has shrunk to just a little larger than the free samples given by dentists. Shame on them! Good toothpaste, but I will no longer purchase because of what they did.


    This is a great book to help inform you about all the schools in the united states that offer psychology programs. It breaks it down to how many people they take per year for their graduate programs giving you an idea on how well you have to perform to even be considered for the schoool. Over all this is a wonderfull book. If your having a hard time finnding a school that offers your program this is the book to help you. :)