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Jewish Home of San Francisco - A residential healthcare facility, the Jewish Home is dedicated to providing senior adults with a comprehensive program of long-term and short-term medical, nursing, rehabilitation, acute psychiatric, and support services.

  • http://jhsf.org/about-admission-information.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Long-Term Care Admission Information - Intake social workers welcome inquiries about admission, take referrals, give tours, and provide information about the Jewish Home.
  • http://jhsf.org/services.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Comprehensive Services for Seniors - An overview of the comprehensive services for seniors provided by the Jewish Home of San Francisco.
  • http://jhsf.org/learning-research.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco Center for Research on Aging - Research focuses on minimizing the adverse consequences of aging, evaluates approaches to care, assesses current therapies and environments, designs and evaluates new therapies and programs.
  • http://jhsf.org/working-employees.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Working / Working at the Jewish Home - With almost 650 trained employees, Jewish Home residents receive the highest quality of care, services, and programs.
  • http://jhsf.org/giving.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Giving - Making a gift to the Jewish Home helps it continue almost a century-and-a-half’s tradition of providing dignified, compassionate care to our community’s seniors.
  • http://jhsf.org/living-resident-life.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Living / Resident Life - Life at the Jewish Home includes meeting the complex dietary needs of residents, promoting their physical, social, and mental well-being, and enriching their spiritual life.
  • http://jhsf.org/about-news.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / In the News - People, programs, and services at the Jewish Home receive regular media coverage.
  • http://jhsf.org/about-leadership.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Leadership - Listing of officers, trustees, and senior management of the Jewish Home of San Francisco and of the Jewish Home and Senior Living Foundation
  • http://jhsf.org/about-mission.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Our Mission, Core Values & Operating Principles - A statement of the Mission, Core Values, Vision, and Operating Principles of the Jewish Home of San Francisco
  • http://jhsf.org/about-admission-stars-short-term-rehabilitation.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / STARS: Short-term and Rehabilitation Services Admission Information - Short-term rehab following patients' stay in an acute hospital, with the goal of returning home or back to the community.
  • http://jhsf.org/about-admission-acute-gero-psychiatric.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Acute Geriatric Psychiatry Hospital Admission Information - Licensed to admit voluntary and involuntary older adults, this 12-bed specialty unit offers private rooms tailored to patients' needs, comfort, and safety.
  • http://jhsf.org/giving-donate.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Giving / Donate Now - On-line donations to the Jewish Home allow you to dedicate your gift, join our mailing list, and review your donation history.
  • http://jhsf.org/giving-golf-tournament.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Giving / Golf Tournament Dinner & Auction - The community-wide golf tournament raises funds that support activities and programs that make the Jewish Home renowned for the care and services it provides for seniors.
  • http://jhsf.org/living-gift-shop.htm Jewish Home of San Francisco / Living / Gift Shop - We are here for residents, staff, and family members – from browsing to shopping and socializing.

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    LOVE IT! and so does the kid. Easy to set up and feels very cozy and very sturdy. It's too heavy for travel, but you could buy the Clek Weelie to drag it around in.

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