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  • C. M - Did not give me the results I was hoping for ...

    Did not give me the results I was hoping for. I am on my second box and have not noticed an changes in my hair thickness.

  • Jimmy Fisher - tells it like it is

    This book is not for everybody, but if you wantto be informed to the highest degree and have an open mind, you will get a lot of info hard to find. Thomas Horn is a very knowledgable and experienced writer, tells it like it is, and the day we are living....beware and take note!!!Great JOB Mr. Horn!!

  • jim crowley - narrative jumped around too much also it was like a soap opera every one sits and talks each ...

    narrative jumped around too much also it was like a soap opera every one sits and talks each other to death no pun intended

  • David Smith - Why does Amazon continue to confuse reviews and ratings?

    I fail to understand why Amazon continues to lump together reviews from different DVD releases as if they were all the same. It can be difficult to figure out if a review is referring to the particular DVD or of some prior release. Often the only help is the date of the review. In any event I greatly enjoyed the blu ray release. I did not compare it to an earlier release that I own but I found that the blu ray images were sharp and without a lot of artifact. I noted, as did others, the occasional skipped frame or jump, but I did not find them bothersome. I only listened to the monaural sound track so I cannot comment on any benefit from the 5.1 mix. The monaural track sounded fine.

  • Scott - #1 Seller? Worst Socket Set Ever!

    #1 Seller? Worst Socket Set Ever!! I'm always hesitant about products that have just as many 5 star reviews, as 1 star reviews. Who's right?? Well... I don't have any idea what the 5 star reviewers are talking about, because this is the crappiest item I've ever purchased on Amazon. None of the 1/4 inch sockets stick onto the ratchet, or the screwdriver, leaving half the set completely useless, unless you have another ratchet. Also, the sockets don't lock into the case. They're all loose, so unless you hold the case perfectly level all the time, the sockets with shift around in the case, and become disorganized. STAY AWAY!!!

  • keith collard - Good board

    Used this board for my first full pc build. Everything went together well and seems to work good out of the box. The lack of a user manual and all the SATA cables not having right angle connecters on them is the reason for the 1 star loss. So for no issues with board and I will update if any arise.