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  • Panchira! - Nice board.

    Awesome board! But darn there are some bugs in it. Use the bios that is most stable for your other equipment, and not the most recent. 1601 I have now and it runs darn good for me!

  • Jacqui Alvarez - Excellent Power/Cost ratio...

    This is a killer amp. Be aware in reviews that different amps are being reviewed. This is run at only 4 ohms, so 400 watts, but

  • A. Breithaupt - Really need the balance board to get the whole workout.

    The game requires you to have the balance board to give you any feedback on about half the exercises. Even the exercises that only require the wii remote really do not give you that good of feedback of how you are doing. Many times while thinking I am doing the exercise exactly how I am suppose to the wii remote does not even register one or two reps of the workout. It does have a useful build you own workout, using the available exercises. It is a major improvement over the 2009 version, but they have a long way to go before it is a 5 star workout.

  • Hurri - Easy to understand, yet thorough

    This book covers a broad range of topics, right from the basics of installing the environment, discussion on the .NET Framework, Object Orientation principles, right through to more advanced concepts such as database access, threading, network communications and even controlling hardware.

  • F. Auer - fantastic

    if you ever had a problem shaving with irritation try this product! Plus the shaving cream lasts a long time (unlike the preshave and after shave)

  • FatMilkDud - It really works!

    I was a skeptic! But I used this product on my Ford Expedition trim and WOW! It really made it look great. After many months, it is starting to look a little dingy!