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  • K Archer - Power Steering Stop Leak

    I cant believe this actually worked. It stopped a leak in a 2004 Chevy Venture I had. I only used half the bottle, and flushed with new fluid, and the leak stopped! Even after 6 months, it is still holding up. Now whenever i flush the power steering fluid, i always add some of this into the system as a preventive maintenance. Seems like a must have.

  • Shelley - Amazing Product

    I tried this product for my son who had Molluscum on his skin. Literally, within a couple weeks, it took it away completely. Even the doctor was amazed!

  • kmrotterdam - Great Disaster Movie

    The Russian pilot was so cute ... why did he have to die? I am a fan of post-apocalyptic films, and this does a good job in being frightening, as well as entertaining, Yes, of course, there are some weaknesses in the logic of some details, but overall, it's entertainment and certainly worth the time ... if you are a fan of the genre. I originally saw this in the theaters when it was released, and I wanted to have my own copy to watch every now and then. The special effects / computer generated graphics are spectacular and serve the plot well in making it more exciting. Turn off the lights, crank up the surround sound, and cuddle under a blanket with someone fun to hold on to for some excitement and entertainment,

  • Matthew Kunka - They just keep getting better!!!!

    People always complain that they always just upgrade the previous game with a few perks....and that's right. This game, right off the bat, looks as close to the TV show as I've ever seen. The game is very sensitive to what you're doing, too. You only have a split second to reverse, you can get reversed in the middle of a move, and most standoutish.....when you slap someone in the chest, it slowly turns red. I spent an entire match just slapping Randy Orton in the chest, that's how cool it is! I highly recommend this game to any wrestling fan.

  • Gadget Lover - Beware 3-year expiration or critical features!

    VERY DISAPPOINTED. (1) Forced upgrade every three years, (2) Loss of capability since financial institutions don't have to upgrade with you, (3) Extremely intrusive ads in a PAID program!!, (4) Rampant user disdain ignored. I thought Intuit would eventually listen to their customers. I now seriously things will ever get bertter.

  • E. Morgan - It works!

    When I used this the first time, it seemed to make my hair worse. After I washed my hair the second time, my severely damaged hair was silky smooth. This product does stink. I put it on, blow dry my hair for five minutes, leave it on for 15 more minutes and then wash and condition my hair. I do this at night and when it air dries it makes my hair kinky. But, when I wet and style my hair in the morning with the blowdryer, my hair turns out great. I use argon oil too and I highly recommend it. I was desperate to find a product that could restore my damaged hair and I'm happy to report that I've found it with Ojon!