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  • bobolink47 - Not the best of the run

    I have found this season to be very uneven. I'm not sure if it'd related to the demise of one of the Shepherds or the vast cast. And I am sometimes confused by who is dating whom and who is related to whom. The episode that culminated in the divorce of two doctors was a mishmash that was very unsatisfying. I hate to think the series is running out of steam because it has been such great TV. I will continue to watch through this season and see what happens. Much as I hate to say it, maybe there should be more men in power roles.

  • Pamela - I liked the idea of this organizer but the soft material ...

    I liked the idea of this organizer but the soft material makes for a not-so-sturdy drink holder. My drinks tend to spill when I hit any bumps in the road.

  • J. Young - Love how quickly I can straighten my hair

    Love how quickly I can straighten my hair. What took me 20-40 mins is now under 5mins!! A little t Icky to learn the curls but slowly getting the hang of it

  • wayne vincent - Heart, always a winner.

    This is another great Ballad from one of my all time favorite groups. Very professional, and awesome. Ann Wilson really belts out those ballads!

  • tgcarter - Worked well when purchased but all four of my TrackR Bravos failed in six months. Product is just a scam?

    I have four TrackR Bravos and all of them failed within six months. They won't work to find the lost object and they won't even re-connect. I've followed all their tech support voodoo suggestions. I even deleted and reinstalled the ap on my cell phone.