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  • audreyvu - great so far!!

    Okay so got this product exactly six days ago and I already see my butt getting more round and "meaty" I guess you could say. It's pretty impressive, this product does kinda make you gain alittle weight so you do have to exercise to maintain your current body shape/weight. You also do have to do butt exercises to give it alittle boost. But yeah so far I'm really impressed and ill be back to update on my progress!! I hope this helped!!

  • Steve Parker - Don't waste your money.

    Useless and expensive multi-level marketing razzle dazzle. My wife and I signed up to use and sell the product based on the amazing before and after photos we were shown. After using the product as directed, neither one of us showed any changes in our skin. I later found an article online on the CBS affiliate's website in San Francisco that quoted Dr. Vic Narurkar, the head of Dermatology at California Pacific Medical Center concerning the before and after pictures. He said: "So apparently this product also gave a brow lift, and improved frown lines? There are only a couple of things that do that, one is Botox and the other is a surgical brow lift." In other words, its a fraud.

  • Jan Gallagher - DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!

    I stupidly fell for the commercial and bought the whole system. I don't like it and of course can't return it. Its is SOOOOOO expensive all told -- about $400 (which they don't say in the commercial). Save yourself alot of money.

  • Kam Glass - Avid water infused drinker

    I'm totally loving this product. My go to drink was always water with fresh squeezed lemons. This allows me to expand on other fruits that I love, berries, cucumber etc. This also will a big help as we go into the summer...hydration!!!

  • Liseybits - Good Product When You Use It as Directed

    I've been using Shrink for about one month. I have tried a couple of different toning lotions in the past but never kept using them because it seemed like they didn't do much of anything. Normally within 2 or 3 weeks of not seeing anything I would stop. This one is different. I use it before I run. If you want to get the full effect, you have to really follow the directions and rub it into your skin like you're giving yourself a massage. When I really spend the time to work it into my skin I feel the tingling feeling start. It absorbs quickly unlike some other products I used, and unlike the previous reviewer, I didn't notice a smell. It definitely has a fragrance but it's not unpleasant at all in my opinion. I mostly have cellulite on my thighs and you can definitely see a difference now. It's not completely gone, but my skin is firmer and smoother. I wore a bikini this past weekend to a pool party and didn't worry about keeping my shorts on for the first time in a long time. It definitely takes time to deliver results but I can tell it's working. I'm going to buy another bottle today. I'd say give it a try, even if you haven't had luck with cellulite creams before!

  • Willee - May be forced to buy QB 2010 for Win 7

    I currently have QB 2009 Pro VERSION R8. My old pc finally gave out and I built a new pc with Windows 7 Pro.

  • Amazon Customer - Happy with my purchase!!!!

    I bought this Barbie for a birthday gift for a 5 year old girl and she loved it! The Barbie was originally 30 dollars and I got it on sale for 15. She was a beautiful doll that came in a nice, collectible box. Great purchase