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  • jenessa epperson - I really love this stuff

    Ive been using this product for about a week and my eye lashes have grown a little and look so much fuller!! I really love this stuff!! I got this product for the discounted price for exchange of my honest 100% opinion

  • A.B. - Mary Kay Fan

    Really works for me to make my skin feel and look better. I like the convenience of ordering it on-line.

  • PETER ROY - It works and I'm only complying 70%. I never write reviews!

    Just came back from a cruise weighing 156 pounds and saw the PBS program on the book . Got the book and been using it for the last four weeks or so. I have lost 16lbs by loosely following the meal plans and doing a T25 exercise program for only about 4 out of 6 days. I have not been following the book 100% of the time , about 70%. I have never felt hungry, in fact when it comes to lunch time I'm usually struggling to finish lunch.

  • Richard L Kopp - Great price and quality

    These racks are exactly the same as you would buy at a Chevy dealership at less then half the price.What a deal

  • Art P - leaves a rash under my chin and it stays itchy ...

    leaves a rash under my chin and it stays itchy for about 30 minutes after use. Will only be using it when I have to (i.e. traveling), will stay with my regular routine of razor + gel + water all other times.

  • Kelly K. - Worked for us!

    My son was sensitive to dairy and soy - reaction was bad gas and diaper rash - from about 1 month to about 10 months. I nursed him and discovered this after battling a persistent diaper rash and finally changing my diet. When I went back to work, my supply dropped dramatically, and I had to supplement. After getting over the initial disappointment, I chose Alimentum. I simply took what I pumped and added whatever amount was needed of Alimentum and mixed the two and divided it up between his bottles for the day. Of course he noticed the change in flavor at first, but he seemed to get used to it very quickly. We did this with great success for 9 months. Around 10 months, we gradually introduced milk-based formula. We worked our way up from Total Comfort to Sensitive to Advance. 1:3, then 1:1, then 3:1 for each, over the course of a couple of months, so, by the time he was a year old, he was ready to transition to whole milk. This won't work for every child, of course, because some will have more serious, lasting allergies, but I hope it gives hope to parents of babies with *sensitivities*. Just because their little tummies can't tolerate some things at first does not necessarily mean it will be a life-long issue. My son now drinks milk and eats cheese, yogurt, etc., without any problems.

  • Ali Tadayon - A computer on wheels not a car

    Best car I've ever owned, I wouldn't even call it a car it's a computer the transports you. This is a Silicon Valley car it improves over time it's not your typical Detroit / ICE vehicle.