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  • frugal - totally the worst product I've come across

    Stay away!!! If I was able to give this product no stars I would give it no stars. totally the worst product I've come across. avast used to be great back in the day but like everything else these days they change the product and it sucks! It totally destroyed my computer. first and foremost it destroyed Windows Media Player. I had installed avast in a desktop and a laptop. It slowed everything down to a crawl. when I attempted to uninstall it it took Windows Media Player along with it.!!! on both the desktop and the laptop! I had to go to Microsoft Fix it to repair Windows Media Player on both computers. upon doing a google search I realize that I got off lucky. there were many reports of destruction that was far worse than what I experienced. never again!

  • Marcus S. Zarra - Very frustrating

    I have used this for more than a year now (have been using Neat portables since 2008, bought the desk version in 2012). Normally, it has been good enough to get me through without too many complications. However, the software makes me want to throw this through the window more and more.

  • K. Neff - From ineffective to effective parenting!

    Total Transformation has changed the lives of both me and my 10 year old son. He battles with ADHD and has always ended up in trouble at school and anywhere else he might go. He's a very sweet and kind child but would end up having tantrums when he becomes overwhelmed with negative emotions. With the step by step skills learned from TT my son is a new boy! I have heard from his teachers, from family that he has become a joy to work with each day. He no longer gets in trouble daily at school or has to be told what to do. He has become proactive and pleasant. Most importantly he has gained confidence. Watching the results of his new positive behaviors has been a joy as he has become very popular with other kids at school. He has friends and is well liked, which is not something I could have said a year ago! I cannot recommend this product enough. Effective parenting is not for lazy parents and it takes ongoing work; however the results are worth it. I recommend to every parent who tells me they are less than pleased with their child's behavior...which is almost everyone. You must try it and take the advice on. If you take the advice and use the system it WILL work.

  • Mike Valmike - Just what it says on the tin

    What can I say? It's Office. In fact, it's a fairly accurate Mac port of Windows's Office 2010. For those who became accustomed to the Mac-specific workflow in Office 2008, you may be disappointed to see that it was scrapped entirely and Office 2011 now has the standard ribbon interface and functionality. For those of you who had to use the PC Office at work, this may be something of a relief -- learned operations now cross over between platforms.

  • B4 It's 2 Late - Great selfie ring light for photos and video

    Great product that fits on my phone just perfect. It takes two AAA batteries and has an on/off button which provides you with three levels of lighting. It gives a nice even light without the harsh flash. It works even better for video calls. It easily clips onto your phone and holds secure in place. Obviously it's a light so it could come in handy to use in other situations as well. I purchased this product at a discounted price and am very happy with it. I would recommend it to anyone who takes selfie pics and knows how poor lighting ruins so many shots. 


    As usual, when we travel I leave my big bottle of shampoo that I use daily at home. I usually use whatever brand that the hotel provides. We stayed at an Atlanta Hilton recently when we attended my stepson's graduation from GA TECH. So as usual I used the hotel provided shampoo, this same shampoo (Peter Thomas Roth). I have to agree with another customer. This may very well be the BEST shampoo I have ever used. I don't know if I can persuade my wife to try it, as she is pretty much satisfied with the shampoo she uses. However if you are not currently satisfied with you are using--try THIS one. I don't think you will be disappointed. FIVE STARS