Injury Epidemiology | Home page - <p><i>Injury Epidemiology </i>is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. </p><p>The editorial mission of <i style="text-align: left; background-color: rgb(255,255,255);">Injury Epidemiology</i> is to advance the science and practice of injury prevention and control through timely publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed research. An open-access academic journal, Injury Epidemiology aims to be the premier venue for communicating epidemiologic studies of unintentional and intentional injuries, including, but not limited to, morbidity and mortality from motor vehicle crashes, drug overdose/poisoning, falls, drowning, fires/burns, iatrogenic injury, suicide, homicide, assaults, and abuse. Relevant studies are investigations designed to understand the magnitude, distribution, determinants, causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and outcomes of injuries in specific population groups, geographic regions, and environmental settings (e.g., home, workplace, transport, recreation, sports, and urban/rural). Of special interest are studies that strengthen the scientific foundation of injury prevention and control and generate objective and practical knowledge to reduce injury morbidity and mortality on a population level. Priority consideration will be given to manuscripts that feature contemporary theories and concepts, innovative methods, and novel techniques as applied to injury surveillance, risk assessment, development of effective interventions, and program/policy evaluation.</p>

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  • Book Addict - This glues practically anything

    So we had a chipped front step when we moved into our new house. My husband used this to glue the concrete back onto the step. I used it to fix my shoes (the heel popped off), my buttons, and our kitchen floor where we accidentally scraped the linoleum.

  • Andrew Symons - Great idea

    Our children had a wonderful time pretending to be real archaeologists unearthing the bones. It provided them with some of the frustration of being real scientists, since they found that the pieces were unable to fit together. Also, our bone collection came with two copies of the right side of the hemithorax and pelvis, and no copy of the left side, so it was unable to be built into a complete skeleton.

  • Drew Dubb - Great lights for a great price.

    Bought these actually for a friend of mine because he has several acres of land and no lights on house or shed. Today we just installed these lights above doorways and entrance ways. He loves the new addition to his home. They are very powerful for what they look like. Cheap looking but very powerful and strong. Already raining here and they have held out this long. We will see in the next few weeks. This product was purchased using a promotional code to receive item at a discounted price.

  • Kenneth - Great for video editing

    The highlight of the Nero Platinum suite for me has always been the video-editing software, although I've only used the advanced mode and I really haven't tried many other video authoring programs to compare. If you have an older version of Nero, I haven't seen enough improvements to make the price of upgrading to the 2015 version worthwhile (I had a gift card). I've also periodically used the Recode function and it works really well - although it seems to work better if you encode a DVD to an image file first, then use Burning Rom to burn to a disc. Encoding a Blu-Ray or DVD to an image file first is also recommended, especially since the size of the final disc may be different than what the software estimates. My only minor quibble is that when creating a Blu-Ray, the automatic chapter detection is still an almost useless function and uses a lot of system resources only to give you multiple equally sized chapters, instead of being able to detect the different scenes in your video.

  • Muna - It's Amazing

    This product is amazing I used before then started to use it again not only it made my hair soft but it also made think,long and strong I have hair that dosent grown but this is the I only item that is in the marked that works for my type of hair!Thank joico.

  • Miranda - Good looking antenna but didn't fit my jeep.

    I bought this for my 2014 Jeep Wrangler. It was advertised to fit. Shipping was fast but when I went to put it on it didn't fit. So I had to return it. The return was easy. If it fit, the antenna would have been exactly what I wanted. The quality was good. They just need to change the advertising.

  • Ricardo Flores - Great value--wireless earphones commensurate with brands 5 times as exspensive!!!

    These are exactly what I wanted. Since I have used Jaybird wireless earphones I will compare the TaoTronics to them. I have had two pairs Jaybird wireless earphones over the last 4 years and these are much better value. The Jaybirds start to fail to charge after a few months and completely die within about 18 months. For the price of one set of Jaybird wireless earphones, you can get 5 or 6 pairs of these TaoTronics. I use these during high intensity workouts. They have not fallen out once. They have similar sound quality to the Jaybirds. The Jaybird Sprints were able to get me through about two workouts...these have gotten me through two workouts and 2 hours of studying and still have about a 30% charge. With the Jaybirds, my phone needed to be on the right side of my body or else it cut out. I have left my phone on the floor and walked around a 100ftx50ft gym without the signal cutting out with the TaoTronics. The value of these earphones is amazing. I was skeptical as I was expecting to pay another $150+ dollars for another set of earphones; I am glad I found these.