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  • Graham Hunt - 'not responding' sums up Outlook 2010

    I paid my 189 euros for a download of Outlook 2010 from Microsoft. I live in Italy but wasn't able to have an Italian invoice so I wasn't able to easily deduct the value added tax. I am running Outlook 7 on a Samsung laptop I bought in September 2012. I used to run Outlook 2003 but thought I should update. I have had nothing but problems with it. If I try to do things as fast as I did with the 2003 version it immediately goes into 'not repsonding' mode and blocks for 30 seconds. Then it frees up. It seems to be twice as slow and full of unnecessary sophistication. My vote reflects my daily frustration with this program. It will probably be the last time I buy Outlook. why did they fix 2003 if it wasn't broken?

  • Paul G. - ...Just in Time for Top Gun 3-D!!

    This morning I woke up and saw that Top Gun 3-D is going to be in Imax 3-D theaters on February 8th. I bet that if Pete Mitchell's kid read this book, he and Goose would've both died in that flat spin that headed out to sea. Charlie would've been so distraught that she was driven to drink heavily. And, well, we all know how bad of a driver she is. I mean, she doesn't even brake at intersections. Jeez... Who would've taken Maverick's place on Alert 5? Well, somebody obviously, but it turns out that they ALSO read this book. Well, they launch and go supersonic to save Iceman and Slider. They get there and forget to slow down and crash kamikaze style right into the port side of Iceman's F-14. NOT ONE MIG is shot down. Hollywood and Wolfman die of hypothermia because the airspace for the rescue helicopter isn't secure. The disabled ship drifts further andf further into enemy territory and is eventually captured and towed back to port by the Russians. Holy s***, wouldn't you know it but the ship has the nuclear launch codes for ALL of the United States Navy's SSBN Trident-3's. The Russians launch all of them at the U.S. and start World War 3. The first strike is SO effective that the U.S. can't mount any sort of a counter strike. The U.S. is forced to unconditionally surrender to the USSR. Today, Vladimir Putin runs the world and strikes fear and terror by unleashing wild packs of tigers to roam North America like the hyenias in The Lion King. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity try to mount an insurrection "Wolverines" style, but it is obvious that neither are in shape and are quickly mauled by wild tigers. The world is doomed.